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We deliver magic at your address

Nano Bleu: free home delivery within the City of Milan for purchases equal to or greater than €100

Do you want to go for great toy buys for your family? Do you want to avoid long lines to stand in and crowds? Or maybe you haven’t got the time to come by at the shop for your kids’ presents?

We got the solution for you! From today onwards you can order all your toys at Nano Bleu by simply calling or sending a whatsapp message: we will deliver them right at your doorstep  – within the City of Milan – without extra costs and paying your purchase at the delivery.

This service will be active all year long and not just for Christmas!

Find out all details about our new service and let the magic into your home every time you wish it. 

Terms and conditions of Nano Blue e-shopping and home delivery service

We asked ourselves: why should we activate the home delivery service only for Christmas? What if our clients need an express toy and fun deliveries during any other moment of the year? And what if they cannot reach us in town?

For these reasons we thought of activating an e-shopping and home delivery service, operating within the City of Milan. Here all the details on how it works:

  • Select and place your order: call us or send us a whatsapp message with a list of all the toys of your interest or simply call us to have suggestions from our catalogue. Once you are ready, we will ask you for some important and personal information, like your phone number or address, to proceed with the delivery.
  • Wait, your order is coming to you: we deliver for free within the City of Milan for purchases equal to or greater than €100.
  • Pay at your doorstep: you will be able to pay for your purchase right when it gets delivered either by using cash or with credit or debit.
  • Wait for your receipt: you will receive it directly via whatsapp once we receive your payment.
  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will have a month to eventually send it back and change it: you will also be able to choose other  toys – with the same price range.

Are you ready to get some magic right at your place?
Call or write to us via Whatsapp and start your e-shopping right from your home!

We deliver some magics! Try our free home delivery.

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