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Stuffed toys

Since 1949 Nano Bleu is immediately recognized for its stuffed animals: this toy store has no equal in terms of choice and quality in Milan. It is not just about exhibiting the best brands like Trudi, Anima, Steiff, Ty, but also about an infinite variety of real and fantastic animals. Are you looking for a pink unicorn instead of the classic teddy bear? Would you prefer a rainbow chameleon instead of a tiger? Whatever animal you are looking for, this is the right place to find it.

Needless to say, despite my 25 years I was fascinated by the myriad stuffed animals, certainly the strong point of the store.


Gift ideas


A small doudou with a huge calming power, perfect for sweet dreams.


Real or imaginary animals by Trudi, Steiff and other brands.


Giant teddy bears for Valentine’s Day, exotic and fantastic animals, Ty puppets.

Our animals

The world of Trudi in the center of Milan

When you think about stuffed toys, here in Italy you think about Trudi, a historical brand. At Nano Bleu you will find the whole Trudi world welcoming you, ready to win the hearts of children and adults. Start from our windows, filled up with stuffed toys of any shape and size, then enter to our magic (and soft) world. Trudi makes everyone happy since 1930, just like us: that’s why here you will find the largest Trudi assortment in Milan. What are you looking for? A stuffed animal to pamper, a puppet to overcome the fear of the dark, or a plush for Valentine’s Day? Here you will find your new best friend.

Doudou and puppets for early childhood

The softest plushes and doudou are perfect for early childhood, from 0 to 3 years, but even adults will find them very funny and tender. The stuffed animals most suitable for babies are smaller (to better adapt to their hands), and above all, safe: no hair or detachable pieces that could be swallowed. Here at Nano Bleu you can choose among a huge variety of soft toys and doudous, perfect for guaranteeing your children a peaceful sleep. But how do they work? These puppets can smell like mum (just keep it with your clothes for a few days) and so they can reassure and gently cuddle the little ones in the crib.

The Plush kingdom since 1949

Extremely large or super tiny, furry or smooth like velvet, full of realistic or super-colored details: at Nano Bleu you will find dozens of plush toys in many shapes. Nano Bleu is the kingdom of soft toys in Milan since 1949, a paradise for everyone. Imagine surprising your partner with a giant teddy bear, or seeing your teenage son growing up along with his favorite soft animal that you gave him on his first birthday. And also try to remember your childhood: who was with you in the dark? Who have you scrambled over with kisses? Just your stuffed toy, the one and only friend that everyone keeps close to him… and to whom you are thinking right now.

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