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Toys for babies and toddlers

What makes everyone happy and carefree? Playing! This is why I founded Nano Bleu, a magical place for adults and children. And when I talk about little ones, I also mean babies. Playing is a fundamental moment in life and it helps children in cognitive, sensorial, physical and relational development. Through toys, the child meets the world, learns by doing and grows more and more! This is the reason I selected a series of toys for early childhood.

For adults this store is like a madeleine, a dip into childhood memories; for children it’s a magical place, like in fairy-tales. You can find products for all ages, from early childhood to grown kids.

Gift ideas


Baby Clementoni, Fisher Price, Montessori games, tricycles, rocking horses.

Our toys for babies and toddlers

Plush for early childhood

Stuffed toys are among the most loved toys since the first months, so we have selected the best brands of plush and puppets for early childhood. Soft and cuddly, doudous help children to stimulate empathy and to express emotions: they are the perfect gift even under 3, because they are safe and funny. Do you still remember who defended you in the dark and stormy nights? Yes, you do, because a plush is forever!

Montessori Toys

“Help me to do it myself” is the Montessori motto: in fact, following this philosophy helps children to trust themselves and not to be afraid of making mistakes, to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Touch, build, fit together: the Montessori method is designed to make children use their hands and make them learn thanks to direct experience.

The safety and quality of Nano Bleu: Baby Clementoni and Fisher Price

The art of playing is learned since the very first months of life: that’s why choosing your children’s toys carefully is important for their growth. Here at Nano Bleu you will find certified and quality games, suitable for boys and girls under 3 years. Our selection of early childhood toys include the timeless soft plushes and doudous by Kaloo and Trudi, educational toys such as Baby Clementoni and Fisher Price, wooden toys to keep for life and other special wonders, ready to be discovered!

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