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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Toys for girls

Since I opened my shop in Milan, so many different generations of children came here.

Petites enfants, grandparents, aunts and uncles, moms and dads… and now that technology occupies so much space in everyday life, returning to a magical place like a toy store is a special experience. Let’s see our beautiful toys for boys and girls.

I brought my baby there… He was amazed by the variety of toys! It is a truly magical place.

Mary Jane

Gift ideas


The first adventures with bicycles, tricycles, electric cars.


Cuddles time with Cicciobello, OG Dolls, doll houses, imitation games.


Let’s have fun with interactive animals, Corolle and Antonio Juan dolls, Barbie.

Our toys for girls

Dolls and Interactive Dolls

Do you have sweet memories with dolls? I know you do, and we have plenty of them here at Nano Bleu: dolls are used to teach children empathy, respect and care for the others, maybe for a little brother or sister on the way! From the classic Corolle dolls, to the trendy Barbie, passing through collectable Antonio Juan reborn dolls, up to the italian classic Cicciobello… There’s something for everyone here!

Accessories for Dolls

What’s the funniest fact about dolls? You can change their style whenever you want. Here you can find a thousand accessories and clothes to let your imagination run fast: strollers, cribs, brushes, cars and other realistic items to write a different tale every day!

Miniature dolls

I adore my miniature world, it’s all so small and cute! Look at the PinyPon’s Luna Park , the theater of the Sylvanian Families or the super soft Squeeshes! I bet everybody will love them, both boys and girls will be amazed by the immense variety of miniatures they will find in my three floors of magic.

Jewels and Make Up for children

There’s no better way to express creativity and imagination than dressing up like mum and mess with a colorful make-up and a original hairstyle. With make-up you can become a pirate or a mermaid, but also scary zombie or an enchanting princess. To create wonderful characters, we have an endless selection of colorful make-up and jewelry. It will be fun!

Remote controls

Helicopters and planes, drones and fantastic animals, fairies and cars. An endless choice for endless possibilities: will your little girls prefer a car race or a unicorn ride?

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