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Table games: share the fun!

On a warm summer evening, on Christmas holidays with family or on a rainy weekend with friends: it’s always funny to spend some time together playing with a board game. Choose your favourite among a wide selection of italian and internationals table games.
At Nano Bleu, the selection of board games is really immense and it takes a lot of time to decide what’s the best or the newest table game you’ve seen: you can challenge each other with culture and history games, you can draw and laugh with artistic games, or you can become a detective with mystery games like classic Cluedo… and so on! Which one is your favourite?

The land of toys! A magical place, a special shop in the center of Milan, very easy to reach from piazza San Babila.


Gift ideas


Montessori table games to explore build and learn together.


Clementoni puzzle, Cocco Dentista, Indovina Chi and all Hasbro table games.


Clementoni, Ravensburger and 3D puzzles, chess, checkers, RisiKo, Subbuteo and so on.

Our table games

Prestige games

Nano Bleu is the home of magic. Discover the boundaries between illusion and reality and find the perfect solution to make an incredible show for your friends and family! If you love magic tricks this is the right place to update the magician in you.

Find your favourite table game at the best price

Funny, interesting and original: everybody loves Hasbro games, which are perfect for everyone. At Nano Bleu you can find family games, kids games, strategy games…Tell us what are you looking for and you will find it! Naturally at the best price in Milan.

Zeugo: table football Made in Italy

One green field and two football teams: check out the ultimate version of miniature soccer. If you already played with Subbuteo you will love the new Zeugo, a new version of table football which has grown and evolved over the years with a superb range of teams, accessories and box sets. Zeugo means “game” in Genoese dialect, and the oldest football team in Italy comes directly from that city!

Board games and puzzle: staying together around a table

When the night gets long we love to sit together around a table with a board game or a puzzle. The best thing is that you can always find something for everyone: from those crazy thousand-piece puzzles, up to the latest generation of Monopoly, you can exercise creativity, team spirit, ability to cooperate and lots of patience…So, let’s play!

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