Wooden toys

Little trains, doll houses, bricks… who doesn’t have at least one wooden toy at home? Their charm remains intact generation after generation. The secret of wooden toys is simplicity: fun and beautiful, they never get boring, they resist time and move to the rhythm of your imagination. This explains why you still have your favorite train hidden somewhere in your house. In addition, they raise awareness on environmental issues, they are more versatile than modern toys and require creative flair.
What are you waiting for? Let yourself be conquered by the great selection by Nano Bleu: Sevi, Vilac, Brio, Le Toy Van, Thomas the Train and many others.

I have been many times in this magical store together with my children, who go crazy for dolls and wooden toys… you can always find something special ever seen in other shops!


Gift ideas


Discovering sounds, materials and colors with musical instruments and traditional toys.


The beauty of well-made things full of magic, like doll houses, trains and Pinocchio.


Have fun together with friends: marble tracks, food playsets and so on.

Our wooden toys

Wooden constructions

Here at Nano Bleu, we believe in the art of building: building strong bonds, building trust, brick by brick, building our own identity through play. This is why we are great supporters of wooden constructions: they leave children the opportunity to experiment, destroy and recreate, following their instinct, they are a green alternative to develop cognitive skills and they last longer than any other toy.

Wooden doll houses

A timeless game, always full of charm: we all love to admire the perfect details of each room, the small accessories, the different characters made of strong imagination. From little children to nostalgic adults, to the most experienced collectors, nobody can resist these miniature works of art! Carved details, perfect miniatures, sustainability of materials: here you can find the best wooden doll houses, from the most fun to the collectible ones, with custom-made wooden furniture and accessories of all sorts.

Wooden trains

Colored or natural, with rails or wheels, wooden trains are the classic toys that still lie in our houses, ready to remind us of the magic of being a child. So why not give our children this emotion too? On board my friends, the train for Nano Bleu leaves in a few minutes!

Wooden toys and musical instruments: a world made for children

With a wooden musical instrument children can express themselves beyond words: let them develop their rhythmic sensitivity having a lot of fun. The adventurous children can ride rocking horses feeling like a true cowboy. Sevi toys, such as wooden letters, are an evergreen decoration for kids room. The characters by Vilac, the doll houses by Le Toy Van, the trains by Brio will make childhood a memory that will last forever.

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