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Toys to build and Lego

Here at Nano Bleu we love to play with building blocks! This is the perfect place to find all the best brands, from LEGO to Playmobil, Meccano and Geomag. Building and then deconstructing, imagining and then immediately realizing, help boys and girls develop emotional intelligence, narrative and other skills since the earliest years. Touching the shapes with hands, observing the colors, inventing without limits and rules, using creativity to tell stories: this helps a positive and happy growth.

The shop is wonderful and very well stocked! The staff is nice and ready to help you find the perfect gift, I recommend it!


Gift ideas


The world is in your hands with safe and indestructible cubes and LEGO Duplo.


Playmobil kits and a wide LEGO selection to build almost everything.


LEGO themed kits, Meccano, Geomag magnetic building toys and Nano Block.

Our toys to build

LEGO in Milan, since the beginning

Every description seems superfluous: everyone knows the famous LEGO bricks. LEGO is a true cult among adults and children, collectors and enthusiasts. Here at Nano Bleu you can find all the new LEGO items and much more: enjoy mixing Harry Potter with Star Wars sets or anything else. Choose LEGO Duplo for younger children, the LEGO City sets for the architects of tomorrow, or the LEGO Friends sets with all its funny characters! The perfect LEGO gift in Milan is only here.


Suitable for boys and girls of all ages for the variety of kits and the strength of the pieces, Playmobil construction games are among the most loved, even the smallest, thanks to the early childhood line 123. From the classic building sets, such as houses, veterinary offices, the farm, the zoo, the Shopping Center or the hotel, up to the most recent news, such as pirates, castles, the police office, cowboys and indians, and so on. Get ready to experience a thousand and more adventures! A complete and irresistible assortment is waiting for you here at Nano Bleu!

Building toys are a child's play...or not?

What could be better than spending an afternoon on the floor building fantastic scenes with small bricks? Nothing, even for the grown up! Here at Nano Bleu you can find a huge assortment of building toys for all tastes: everything you need to build your own new world!

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