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Creative toys

Thanks to creative toys we can help boys and girls to experiment, create and invent, freeing their imagination. Here at Nano Bleu you will find many creative toys to stimulate mind, manual and artistic skills. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn while having fun and develop memory, expressiveness, artistic sensitivity and attention. Believe me, even adults can’t resist these colors, pastels and collages!

Friendliness, helpfulness and magic: if they asked me to describe Nano Bleu in a simple way I would choose these words. This store is everything you are looking for, and even more. Once you come in, you can never leave.


Gift ideas


Exercise manual skills and unleash your imagination with Play-Doh toys.


Toys for coloring and drawing are the best, but also the magic kinetic sand.


Sewing machines, play sets to create jewelry, doll clothes and other objects.

Our creative toys

A world of creativity for everyone

The best feature of creative toys is that everyone can find the perfect item. Predispositions play an important role in the choice: pastels for artistic talents, musical instruments for those who already have a sense of rhythm or want to develop it, modeling pastes for those who need to keep their hands busy. Age also plays an important role: from 2 to 3 years children want to explore, so let’s manipulate! From 3 to 5 years buildings are the perfect gift to increase motor skills and logical thinking. From age 6 onwards, boys and girls can cut, draw, sew and unleash their imagination.

All the shades of Crayola

Playing with colors has always been one of the favorite activities for everyone: with Crayola toys, a simple gesture like drawing becomes something more. Washable, fruit-scented, gel and glitter effects… markers have never been so funny, but also watercolors and modeling pastes, chalk and oil pastels can’t be missed. At Nano Bleu you will find the entire Crayola collection!

Creative toys: the perfect gift for every child

The power of creative toys is to offer safe and fun tools to unleash imagination and creativity. From toys to build, to drawing sets, to everything related to outdoor games; from musical instruments to educational toys like italian classic “chiodini Quercetti”; from the magic kinetic sand to Play-Doh modeling paste, here at Nano Bleu you’ll find almost everything!

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