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Educational toys

If you are in Milan and you are looking for educational toys, this is the right place. Touch, smell, build and rebuild: here at Nano Bleu we can help you to find the right toy to give each activity an educational value.

Educational toys encourage children to experiment their own abilities: construction and interlocking games develop logic and motor skills; miniature animals, memory games and toys with sounds help them to learn about the world around us; microscopes and globes teach how to observe reality with a new scientific eye.

The reference point for those who are looking for a special gift for their children in Milan and also an occasion to relive our childhood (the dolls and their wardrobes are awesome!)


Gift ideas


Learning by touching, trying, building: explore with the Montessori and Sapientino games.


Sounds, colors, nature: everything you need to learn with animal figurines to collect.


In search of the truth hidden beyond things with scientific games, microscope, telescope.

Our educational toys

Montessori Educational toys for early childhood

The Montessori method is designed to educate children to make it on their own, learning by exploring. Montessori educational toys for early childhood focus on autonomy and spontaneity: touching, manipulating, getting dirty are actions that relax and stimulate curiosity. Here you can find simple objects, like interlocking wooden letters and numbers, kitchens and other baby-friendly accessories… In short, everything you need to “do it yourself”, just like a small adult!

Science toys

Discover our selection of STEM toys to help children learn while having fun: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, astronomy… No subject has ever been so fascinating! The most appreciated here are the scientific kits, toys to learn the anatomy of the human body and technical objects to know everything about our universe: globes, telescopes, microscopes.

Educational toys

Playing can be an opportunity to learn something new: with wooden or brick constructions you need logical thinking to achieve a goal. With toys in a foreign language you can learn the basics of another culture and change your point of view. With Clementoni toys you can immerse yourself in sounds and colors: the Sapientino quiz is one of the cornerstones of every childhood here in Italy. With the Schleich collection you know nature by learning to respect it from an early age. Here at Nano Bleu you can find the perfect gift for a child: education!

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