Toys for Boys

Welcome to a large variety of educational toys, but also colorful and fun toys, perfect to stay in the arms and in the hearts of children even when they will be adults.

Here, every child can discover his special inclination: someone loves battles to the last breath grasping powerful weapons, others build tangled speedway for fast cars, or have fun with remote-controls for cars. And don’t forget that adults will also discover something magical about the world of toys!

I like to buy the toys for my son in the same place where my grandmother bought them for me. Here you can find everything, even special products. Top staff, very kind and helpful. Five stars are not enough, they deserve ten.


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The first adventures with bicycles, tricycles, scooters, electric cars.


Modeling passion: Bruder vehicles, toy cars, interactive animals.


Let’s have fun: remote control toys, drones, Nerf rifles.

Our toys for boys

Remote control toys

Cars, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, drones and boats. Here at Nano Bleu you will find your favorite remote-control machines, only by the best brands all over the world. Which game can be more funny than a compelling clash between police helicopters and flying UFOs?

Toy cars and modeling

A Bburago red Ferrari, Hot Wheels, the mighty Bruder cement truck: here are some of the models that you can find here, along with those from Siku and Maisto. Every machine is unique, well done and resistant… For the future drivers!

Toy Soldiers

Here, little boys and girls fascinated by history and fantasy tales can build the universe they prefer: pirate-themed settings for the more adventurous, prehistoric worlds full of dinosaurs, medieval castles protected by the king’s soldiers. The worlds created with Schleich and Papo playsets have no limits!

Car Tracks and Electric Trains

A timeless classic: let’s discover the perfect reproductions of classic and modern trains, even the italian Frecciarossa. Whether they are wooden or digital, there are two magical keywords: building and traveling, a perfect combination to entertain children and teach them a future full of travels!


Exciting battles and ambushes to the last breath: for real soldiers and fighters, Nerf has rifles and guns of different power, which are perfect for each fight: from remote stalking with precision instruments, to assault weapons for close combats. Only for fun, without risks… There’s nothing more exciting than that!

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