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Cartoon and movies

All the strongest cartoon and movie heroes are just waiting for you and your children!

Let’s discover the world of collectible characters with the action figures and gadgets for all ages.

And then, let’s play with your favorite characters like Peppa Pig, Sylvanian Families all the Marvel’s and DC’s heroes.

History and beauty meet at Nano Bleu. Elegance welcomes you and guides you choosing the most technologically advanced toys but also those which tell you a story.


Gift ideas


A companion for everyday adventures: Peppa Pig, Bing, Paw Patrol, Disney action figure.


A magical world between fantasy and reality: Sylvanian Families, Pokemon and so on.


Feed your passion for cinema and comics and find the characters from movies and manga.

Our cartoon and movies toys

Action figure

Action figures are definitely irresistible, both for children and for collectors: have fun living new adventures every day! From Batman to Transformers, we surely have the character you are looking for. From comics to the movies, and from the movies to your house. Discover the mythical Marvel heroes (and villains), but also the Star Wars characters. Do you collect manga and comics? From Dragon Ball to One Piece and Deadpool, here you’ll find everything you like best. After all, everyone would love to live in a movie.

Stuffed cartoon toys

Plushies are the most loved toys by children as well as by adults. Get ready to be enchanted by our showcase dedicated to these soft toys. But even more, get ready to hold your favourite cartoon characters: Peppa Pig, Bing, Bambi, Pikachu… the stuffed toys of your heroes are timeless and perfect to cuddle, forever.

A fantasy world: other collectible figures

We all love stories: bedtime stories, adventure stories, endless sagas, fairy tales of love, friendship and magic. And the enchantment of having our heroes at home with us has no equal. See Peppa Pig jumping in a puddle, Spiderman with his webs and the sweet Sylvanian Families playing together! Free your imagination and creativity with our collectible characters.

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