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Visiting Milan with Kids: What Activities to Do in the Summer?

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After months and months of sweaters and hot chocolates, summer finally arrives, mes amis. And with it, as always, comes the heat. Some love it and some hate it, but the truth is that summer gives us all a chance to unwind and enjoy the much-anticipated vacation—especially with our children. After all, summer is primarily a season of joy for them.

While a day at the beach with your children is a classic summer activity, we at Nano Bleu challenge you: bet you can have fun and beat the heat even by spending a summer day in Milan with the kids?

It may seem impossible, right? Indeed, there are many questions to consider: where to take kids for fun in Milan during summer? Where to go with children when it’s too hot? And for the hottest month of all? What to do with children in August? Whether you’re tourists or true italian, let us refresh your ideas…

Nano Bleu, the toy store in Milan where summer is magical

True, summer in Milan always brings sweltering temperatures. Therefore, if you decide to visit Milan with the kids, it’s important to keep cool... but without forgetting the fun. How so? Our advice is to include in your city itinerary a visit to the Nano Bleu toy store in Milan: a magical place where time (and the heat, trust us) seems to stop. Located just steps from the Duomo, you can choose from thousands of toys for children and adults.

Here you’ll find three floors filled with every type of toy: plush toys, wooden toys, creative options, and of course, summer toys. Since 1949, we have fulfilled the wishes of girls and boys, so much so that today we are among the top ten toy stores in the world and one of the most important toy stores in Milan. Moreover, since 2017, we have been recognized as a historic shop in Milan with the designation of Historical Workshop thanks to over 50 years of activity and architecture that has remained largely original.

Stepping into Nano Bleu means not only finding relief and escaping the stifling summer heat: it means entering a world of pure joy and fun, where children can dream with their eyes open and adults can become kids again with them. But let’s not forget that it’s summer: once inside the store, it’s time for the kids to pick the best beach and summer-themed toys to take with them through the streets of Milan.

What are they? Don’t worry, mes amis, we’ll tell you, so choosing summer toys for the kids will be stress-free. Ready to enter the realm of imagination?

The best beach and summer toys at Nano Bleu: from Mermaid Barbie to classic inflatables

If you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach with the whole family this summer, then visiting our store will be your chance to put together the best beach toy set for your children.

Starting with the girls, and thus with the dolls. Safely in the backpack, each girl can carry them around and have fun all season. But even more so in the summer, when our store sees dozens and dozens of colorful Barbies. We definitely recommend Mermaid Barbie, who can turn playtime into pure magic with her color-changing features. Thanks to underwater powers, her long hair, bodice, and shaded tail magically shift from candy pink to bright purple and then back to their original color.

And what about Barbie’s Fiat 500? Ideal for exploring the world with imagination. Taking Barbie through the unexplored roads of the world to the beach in her Fiat 500 will be an emotion for every girl. Lastly, there’s Beach Barbie: with her beautiful swimsuit and themed accessories, she will inspire every girl to create many different summer stories under the sun.

For the boys, we have Bruder trucks and cranes, which are right at home on the sand. But there are many other models from the same brand: the blue or yellow striped cement mixer, an exact replica of the original and practically indestructible, and the Land Rover Defender model with horse trailer and Light & Sound function. Or the New Holland tractor with an openable cabin and hood. Choosing in the store will be very difficult!

And let’s not forget the legendary and timeless inflatable beach toys for boys and girls. Practical and colorful, aquatic inflatables are the perfect ingredient for improvising fun battles with friends or family and acrobatic dives together. In addition to being super cute, water toys are a super cool accessory. This year’s trend? The unicorn inflatable, choose it and you won’t regret it, mes amis. If instead you want to stay more sober, you can choose the simpler Intex floating inflatable mattresses to sprawl out and float in the fresh water.

The best games to use in the summer in Milan: between remote controls, scooters, and water guns

But let’s return to the challenge we launched at the beginning: bet you can have fun and stay cool even by spending a summer day in Milan with the kids? At Nano Bleu, we don’t just have summer toys that can be used on the beach: your children can also play with them along the sunny streets of Milan.

Let’s start with a classic of refreshing summer games: water guns. In our store, we’ve stocked up on all types of Nerf guns and rifles. You can choose the classic Firestrike, Shellstrike, and Falconfire to shoot the classic darts, but since it’s summer, we definitely recommend the Super Soaker blasters: water guns with soaking and rain jets for battles and last-breath ambushes anywhere around Milan. Try them in city parks for maximum fun!

Also in the parks, what’s better for kids than speeding around at full speed with their remote-controlled car? At our store, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the Jamara brand, which reproduces famous cars in 1:14 and 1:24 scale: Lamborghini and Ferrari F1 remote-controlled but also Audi and Range Rover. More exciting than that!

Finally, one last tip to keep the kids entertained without suffering from the heat: how about a nice scooter to zoom through the pedestrian areas of Milan? We have everything you need, from scooters for children (ages 2 to 7) to 3- or 4-wheel scooters. An electrifying experience for every child, a feeling of unparalleled freedom aboard their inseparable summer companion.

So, what do you say? Have we convinced you? As you can see, having fun and staying cool in the summer in Milan with the kids is possible, you just need to use your imagination and get inspired. Nano Bleu awaits you in downtown Milan at Corso Vittorio Emanuele 15 throughout the summer and even in August. We will always be open from Monday to Sunday, dive into imagination!