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Easter Party: Activities to Do with Children, from Egg Hunts to Personalized Surprises

festa di pasqua bambini uova

What is children’s favorite holiday after Christmas? Well, mes amis, it’s obviously Easter. Maybe it’s because of its colors, or maybe because it’s a holiday that satisfies both children’s desire to play and their sweet tooth in one go. Or perhaps it’s because it brings the beauty of spring along with it. Whatever the reason, Easter is a holiday to be fully enjoyed by both children and adults.

It’s not just an occasion for family time but also a chance to let imagination soar, turning a simple egg-opening activity with children into an adventure. But how to do it? Just let yourself be inspired! There are plenty of activities to do with children on Easter morning, such as an outdoor Easter egg hunt. Children can have fun searching for Easter eggs hidden in the garden by their parents, opening them, and discovering a personalized surprise inside… Isn’t it a wonderful game? And we at Nano Bleu know a thing or two about games. If you don’t know how to do an egg hunt, don’t worry. Below you’ll find a guide for the perfect Easter egg hunt.

How to Do the Easter Egg Hunt and Hide Them in the Garden

Obviously, everyone will have their own way of organizing the Easter egg hunt. However, we want to tell you how we would do it, so that you can take inspiration. First of all, mes amis, you need to get lots of Easter eggs: chocolate ones are fine, but cardboard ones work too. You can buy them ready-made at our Nano Bleu store, or you can make them at home with your children to have something to do with them in the days leading up to Easter.

In addition to the eggs, you can also do another craft with the children: bunny ears. To make them, get some white cardboard, a bit of fabric, coloring pencils, a piece of string, or a ribbon. Cut out the shape of two rabbit ears leaving a cardboard base at the bottom ends, then make two holes in the base, thread the string or ribbon through them, and decorate them with colored pencils. Moreover, you can also make a basket with paper that will contain all the eggs.

Hide the eggs in the garden early in the morning, and once the children have woken up, have them wear the bunny ears. Start the hunt by giving them small clues about where to look for the eggs, writing some riddles on a sheet of paper. Then the egg hunt begins: the children must find the eggs using their intuition and imagination. If you want to give them a little help, you can also create some sort of signage to indicate the various directions of the egg hunt. In every place where you have hidden the eggs, the children will find a note with the riddle of the next place to search.

But how to hide the Easter eggs in the garden? Well, a garden has a thousand corners that could accommodate the children’s eggs: among the flower beds, near the flowers, among the garden tools, inside the pots, under the deck chairs. In short, mes amis, the only limit is imagination.

How to Color the Eggs? Have fun painting the cardboard Easter eggs

For the egg hunt, you need cardboard Easter eggs to fill. Don’t worry: you can buy colorful ones from Nano Bleu, and then paint the Easter eggs as you like. But you can even create them yourselves. Let’s see how:

Gather the following materials: white glue, a soft medium-sized brush, a bowl, some not-too-large and oval-shaped inflated balloons, a pack of white paper napkins, a spray bottle filled with water, and a sheet of very fine sandpaper.

Then proceed following these steps: pour equal parts water and white glue into a bowl. Mix the solution well, cut the napkins into strips, and moisten them using the spray bottle. Take the first balloon and gently coat it with glue using the brush. Begin covering it with the pieces of paper, being careful not to burst it. Glue more paper onto the first covering, trying to distribute it evenly with the brush. Cover the balloon with several layers of paper and glue, then let it dry for two to three days: the coating must solidify completely. Repeat the same process with other balloons.

Once ready, you can personalize the Easter eggs as you prefer. After all, coloring has always been one of the favorite activities of children. Do you lack the material to color the eggs? At Nano Bleu, you’ll find the whole Crayola assortment: washable markers, fruit-scented markers, gel and glitter markers, watercolors, tempera paints, and much more. Then you can gently cut the egg in half to insert the surprise inside and then seal it with paper tape or Scotch tape.

Easter Egg Surprises: Here are many ideas and toys

But let’s get to the most awaited question from parents: what to put inside the Easter egg? How to make a truly personalized surprise? In this case, who better than Nano Bleu can advise you on the best Easter egg toys?

First of all, let’s say that the surprise you choose must be “egg-sized.” Of course, you can’t opt for a dollhouse or an entire pirate galleon, but there are still toys that fit perfectly inside the eggs. Simple yet special surprises, because parents will choose them based on their children’s tastes. Where to buy them? From Nano Bleu, of course!

In this case, we can’t help but recommend Jellycat plush toys as the first surprise: adorable, soft, intricately decorated, and suitable for both boys and girls. Want a tip? It’s Easter, so why not choose a Jellycat bunny plush? There’s no more suitable animal.

In general, all the creative toys you can find at Nano Bleu are perfect as surprises. Everyone can find the right creative toy for themselves because character plays an important role in choosing toys. Some examples? Markers for those who show artistic talents, or modeling clay for those who want to keep their hands busy. You can also choose items based on the children’s age: from 2 to 3 years old, the child is exploring and manipulative toys are perfect; from 3 to 5 years old, building toys help increase motor skills and logical thinking; finally, from 6 years old and up, boys and girls can cut and sew.

For boys, we recommend the four-wheeled Hotwheels Bmw racers. For breathtaking races, the Hotwheels 2023 cars are the perfect surprise to bring happiness to the track. Playmobil toys are also timeless, with a thousand worlds to explore to unleash imagination: from the Wild West on horseback with Playmobil horses to dollhouses, there’s no better surprise for the little ones.

And what about the Sylvanian Families characters? Among nature, family, and love, children will have a world of imagination to share with their friends. Sylvanian Families will help children acquire important social skills. If you want to go classic and never go wrong, here’s the surprise: Schleich animals. The choice is overwhelming: horses, farm animals, savanna animals, dinosaurs, and for the dreamers… dragons and knights.

If children love to shape fun, then there is only one surprise: Play Doh. Kneading and creating small imaginary worlds will never have been so fun. Plus, the products from the Play Doh Mini collection fit perfectly inside an Easter egg.

Last but not least and graceful, the Les Amis line by Kaloo: a collection of tender and soft animals that accompanies the baby from birth. They are recognizable by their small light blue bandana around their neck. Presented in a beautiful illustrated square box, they are available in numerous accessories to accompany the child throughout the day, from bathing to playing to naptime.

These are just some of the toys that you can include in Easter eggs, but there are many more: come and discover them at Nano Bleu in Milan, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. We are convinced among others that whatever toy you choose for your children, the best surprise will be your love, your attention and the desire to play with them.