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A Wonderful Easter with Trudi Stuffed Animals

Yum! Here at Nano Bleu, Easter has already arrived! We take festivities very seriously here, and celebrations last at least one month, which is why I’m eating chocolate as I write. Easter is so much fun: colourful eggs, spring on our doorstep, flowers, sugar rabbits, little hidden surprises… nearly as good as Christmas!

This year we’re preparing some fun cardboard eggs with hidden easter surprises inside. My favourite surprises? Trudi plush toys!

There’s lots of new Trudi items in 2019: from mini stuffed animals you can attach to your schoolbag, to little easter animals that are super soft and ready to hide inside eggs. Once you meet these little guys you won’t be able to do without them!

Trudi Charm for Easter: supersoft rabbits, lambs and chicks

In Paris, where I come from, Easter can’t happen without a good old fashioned egg hunt: boys and girls get together and go in search of chocolate eggs hidden inside houses and gardens. The french tradition has it that church bells (which stand still in the days immediately before Easter) let them fall from the sky, whereas in England it’s thought that a rabbit hides them. It doesn’t matter too much where they come from, imagine what a wonder it is to find these hidden treasures inside a drawer, in the fruit basket, on top of some shelves… how exciting!

And here at Nano Bleu we make no exception – we’re creating some beautiful cardboard eggs that you can fill with your favourite magical surprises for your little ones (and bigger ones). For example? Instead of chocolate, give a mini Trudi soft toy to your loved ones: soft, irresistible and snuggly… you won’t go wrong with these little guys!

Trudi offers a complete series of little easter animals in different versions. The cutest soft toys you can hide inside your egg are the Trudi Charm: a little chick, a cute lamb, a pretty bunny. They are the real stars of Easter! These super soft cuties come with a maxi loop so they can be attached to every accessory – bags and pencilcases! But don’t imagine it’s just easter animals available, there’s plenty to choose from and you’ll be able to find your favourite.

New Trudi Collection 2019: a world of little guys to hug

Soft and perfect in every detail: that’s what renders Trudi stuffed animals unique, today we’ll tell you their unmissable news for 2019.

My favourites are still the little Fluffies, perfectly miniature sized. I always keep them with me, and from today even the fox and the tucan are joining my gang: super colourful and identical to real ones!

New friends have also arrived in the classic range of Trudi stuffed animals, that staple that has never abandoned the bedrooms little ones and the memory boxes of adults. Here is Rita the Frog who joins us full of green sparkling fun; Bernard, a curious little French bulldog; Ascanio, an Akita dog, regal and elegant. The Trudini families are also growing, as well as the Sweet Collection Trudi: here comes a little piglet and an ostrich – colourful and silly – they will make you smile the moment you grab them! And to top it all, a little chamaeleon, so tiny as to camouflage himself among all your Easter gifts.

What are you waiting for? Come and throw yourselves in the super soft world of Trudi in central Milan at the Nano Bleu toy shop and come and collect surprise eggs for a unique super soft Easter!