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Barbie and Milan Fashion Week

Barbie Fashion

Like every year, September in Milan means Fashion Week: busy schedule of shows, models walking around the city and glamour events. The city centre is filled with fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts looking for the perfect style. We thought about which of our toys would be glad to live in Milan during this time of the year and the answer is one: Barbie!

Timeless fashion icon

Barbie doesn’t need an introduction, she is the best-selling doll in the world and the most imitated, but do you know her whole history?
The idea of ​​this revolutionary doll came to Ruth Handler in the 50s, looking at her daughter playing with some other dolls. Ruth realized she often liked to give them adult roles. Ruth’s husband was the co-founder of Mattel, so Barbie officially appeared in stores on March 9th, 1959.

Barbie: an extraordinary life!

This new toy turned out to be an instant success, so Mattel invented a real biography for this young American woman, Barbara Millicent Roberts, who had a family and friends, which means new characters and accessories for collectors.
You probably know Ken, the long-time boyfriend, but Barbie also has many sisters and friends from all over the world.
In Barbie’s life there’s no place for boredom: she speaks about 50 languages ​​and she has already done different jobs: the doctor, the hairdresser, the flight assistant… She has been an astronaut too!
She has had 38 animals, including several cats and dogs, horses, a panda, a lion and a zebra. Everyone knows her pink spider, but Barbie also drives a jeep, a camper and many other vehicles.

Love for fashion

Despite being a girl with a thousand passions, Barbie has a particular love for fashion: during her adventures she never gives up an impeccable style. Her clothes are made with top quality materials and packed with care, always choosing fashion models and patterns: if she had to participate to the Milan Fashion Week she surely would have no problem, as she is both stylist and model!

Barbie collections

Everybody loves Barbie with all those clothes and accessories: Milan, which is the capital of fashion, knows this well and, recently hosted an exhibition dedicated to this iconic doll. The exhibition is over, but if you are a fan of Barbie or if you are looking for a special gift, you must come to our toy store! In Nano Bleu you will find the classic Barbie models, but also the latest models and special editions for collectors. We can’t wait to see you!