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The best toys for babies and toddlers

I migliori giochi prima infanzia

When we’re with little ones it feels like a constant roller coaster, right mes amis? One moment they’re laughing away, the next there are tears, they crawl to every corner of the house, they try to put everything and anything in their mouth. In other words, there isn’t a moment’s respite! But it’s also a period of discovery, and here at Nano Bleu we have the solution to enjoy it to the fullest: toys and games for babies and toddlers that are simple and beautiful like those from the good old days. What’s more, they’re safe, fun and educational. Can’t do much better than that!

Here’s a selection of the best Early Childhood toys that you can find here at Nano Bleu. Grown-ups and kids alike will go mad for them!

Fisher Price, Kaloo and the wonderful rideables

You know me well by now, I am crazy for these! What am I talking about? Teddybears mes amis! The toy that lasts a lifetime, there’s always a reason for a stuffed animal, whether it’s for adults, children or tiny little ones. Even for infants, these are a must have. Here at Nano Bleu we have so many that we’ve dedicated an entire window display to them. The little ones’ favourites include the sweetest and safest, without any small detachable pieces: all of Kaloo’s teddies – the classic comforters to cling onto in the cot – as well as the soft gym stations for babies, to give them a sky full of cute little animals to distract them during rainy days spent indoors. As well as these classic super-soft friends, we recommend rideable toys! These classic wooden numbers with extra soft, comfortable inserts will entertain little ones with each rocking motion, transporting them to a magical world. Viking Toys’ options come in full technicolour or as little cars, like the amazing Fiat 500 or the striking Ferrari. These light-speed guys will give your little ones hours of fun indoors.

For older babies, who can start to interact more with their toys and who seek even more entertainment, Fisher Price remains the brand that will save you during hours of play with your tiny ones. From the fun and colourful classics such as the rings pyramid to newer interactive toys, there’s truly infinite choice to be had. With the Palla Stadio Calcia&Impara children will start to train their motor skills and develop their very first notions and words. With the Smartwatch Scopri&Impara, a whole world of lights and colours will open up to teach your child their first greetings and how to use their little hands to press buttons. Not bad, right? And it’s all completely safe and fully childproof!

Baby Clementoni and Montessori toys: learn and experience

To learn, educate, experience, play: these are the key words for the play of any little one. Yes mes amis the world moves fast from a to b and from the very start we must help little ones to learn by having fun, experiencing shapes and colours, and discovering day by day everything which surrounds us. Your allies in this challenge? Clementoni and Headu, who truly guarantee learning to be fun.
There’s a long list of wonders, but here are my favourites by Baby Clementoni. Geremiaio, a sweet kitten who, moving forwards and backwards, stimulates your child to chase him. Bubù Cagnolino Cucù, with educational sounds and buttons to learn the first letters and numbers and many fun songs about our animal friends. Finally the Dolce Luna music box accompanies nap time by stimulating auditory perception.

For parents who are fans of the Montessori Method, along with all of Clementoni’s Montessori range, you can turn to Headu.

Headu’s toys are inspired by the Montessori Method, they are enviromentally friendly wooden and cardboard toys suitable for children of every age. They are all made in Italy, colourful and fun, and will help your little ones learn the alphabet, numbers and to identify emotions. You must try them all!

Mes amis now you have a few more ideas of how to pass the time with your babies!

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