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Dolls and reborn dolls Antonio Juan: baby cuteness to cuddle

Antonio Juan Reborn

Et voilà, September has arrived! Here in my toy store Nano Bleu the view is wonderful: the sky is so clear and a fresh air is coming in through the window… In short, time to nap in Parco Sempione among the golden leaves and prepare for the back to school. To face days at home with children and to fight boredom, today I want to talk about an ancient but always funny toy: dolls!

All of us, as children, had fun taking care of a doll and today this fun can be even more special, thanks to the novelties of Antonio Juan, the famous brand of dolls treated in detail, surprisingly similar to real babies. I’m sure you are going fall in love with these little ones and you will no longer stay without their sweetness!

Let’s discover the reborn dolls and all the news of the Antonio Juan brand… for a September full of cuddles.

Antonio Juan Reborn dolls: irresistible sweetness

They are similar in the smallest details to real newborns, from the hair sewn one by one to a hint of umbilical cord, until the redness of the baby’s skin, and even the weight: the reborn dolls have a magnetic charm. We can consider them as the evolution of the most classic dolls: they have an immediate calming and relaxing effect on the more grown-ups, which can take care of them, letting go of the stress accumulated during the day. Moreover, to let children to play with dolls can help them to develop empathy, compassion and to educate them to responsibility, helping them perhaps to face the future role of little brothers and sisters.

But which doll is the best for you or your little ones?

Antonio Juan dolls turn 60

The famous Spanish brand celebrates 60 years of history: from a small family-run company, in a few years Antonio Juan became the reference for doll collectors all over the world. Actually, more than dolls, they are real artistic creations painted by hand and dressed according to the latest trends in terms of fashion for children.

A large variety of dolls surprise collectors and children all over the world: dolls have up to 6 shades of skin color, different heights and ages, and outfits and accessories for all tastes.

The first doll I want to introduce you is the smallest one: he is called Mufly and is a 21 cm tall little baby. He is adorable: with that sweet face the whole family will fall in love with him! And if you loved Mufly at first glance you will adore the rest of the Antonio Juan collection: little ones dressed like real babies, awake or softly asleep.

What? You prefer an older child? Most of the collection consists of dolls between 27 and 55 centimeters, perfect for you and your children. Soft and sweet, they only need snuggles! And some of them are also equipped with a sound system to call you mommy and daddy…top!

Let yourself be surprised by the sweetest dolls you have ever seen!
Come and cuddle them in Nano Bleu toy store in the center of Milan. Caution: you won’t stop cuddling them!