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How to spend a sweet Epiphany in Milan with Num Noms

Num Noms Milan

Christmas has passed by, and we are going to leave behind even 2016, but before returning to our every day life, we have to celebrate Epiphany, children’s favorite holiday, because it promises sweets (and some gift) to who was particularly good.

Epiphany traditions in Italy

During Epiphany the Christian world remembers the meeting of the Three Kings with baby Jesus, but for italian children this day is devoted to Befana, a kind witch who travels on her flying broom, and who brings during the night a sock full coal to those who have been bad, and sweets to those who have been good.

In Italy we celebrate this day with many traditions, all different in every part of our big boot.
In Veneto, for example, a company wander through the streets singing typical Christmas lyrics; in Liguria families do the tour of the cribs, in Piedmont there is the Three Kings parade. Also Milan celebrates this day, organizing the traditional procession of the Magi in Piazza Duomo, where you can also visit (for the last day) the Christmas markets.
January 6th is also an opportunity to practice rites: many regions are united by the custom of burning a huge puppet made with wood and rags, representing the year just finished and called “la vecchia” (the old lady).

In short, every city celebrates in its own way this event, but the main tradition for everybody are the socks full of surprises and sweets donated to children.

If you are looking for an original idea to surprise your kids for Epiphany, here’s the solution!

Gift ideas: Num Noms

What are the Num Noms? These gadgets are sweet and fragrant cakes you can collect and play with.
They are perfect for a cheap and surprising gift idea, also these cute pastries hide fragrant lipgloss or other small toys that little girls will love.
The Num Noms are hidden inside colorful boxes which contain, in addition to the sweet surprise, a list of all the items that are part of the same collection… So it is more convenient to keep track of those already collected and the ones that are still missing.
Each cupcake has a scent and a different flavor, one of the favorite for children: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry … It’s impossible to resist these delights!

This year for the Epiphany buy to you children Num Noms and your home will be invaded by sweetness. To choose them we are waiting you in our toy shop in the center of Milan.