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Live the magic of magnetism with Geomag constructions

costruzioni geomag

Magnetism, and especially the phenomena of attraction and repulsion, are difficult to explain to children, but not always: meet Geomag, the perfect teacher! Thanks to metal spheres and colored bars, learning the secrets of magnetism is easy and funny. At Nano Bleu, your toystore in the center of Milan, you can find a wide selection of scientific and educational games, including Geomag classic sets and many interesting news. Please, enter the fantastic Geomag world and discover the history and the curiosities of one of the best construction games ever.

Geomag magnetic constructions: history and curiosity

Geomag was founded in 1998 by the Italian engineer Claudio Vicentelli and immediately had a great success thanks to the endless creative possibilities. In 2004 Geomag entered the Guinness World Record with a tower of 4 meters and 85 centimeters made with bars, magnetic spheres and colored panels. Thanks to this record, in 2005 the company won the prestigious “Best Toy Award”, for the best toy of the year.

Nowadays Geomag products continue to be the most requested toy constructions, thanks to the continuous research in the use of new materials and game ideas, the great attention to the environment, with 100% green toys and production processes, and the great importance given to the educational aspect. These toys are designed to develop creativity by teaching scientific phenomena (science and physics will no longer have secrets!).

Discover the latest news from the Geomag world

In addition to the Classic line, which has made the brand famous all over the world and boasts several community of Geomag-addicted who challenge each other every day, Geomag has recently launched two surprising new lines.

The first one is the Magicube line, made of colored cubes which can attract together on each side: it allows kids to improve their manual skills using 3 dimensions, unleash their imagination and encourage the development of dexterity.

The other set designed by Geomag is the Mechanics line which adds rotating mechanical elements to the classic line and expands the game possibilities, allowing you to build complex structures, with funny reactions caused by magnetic repulsion and attraction.

We are waiting for you at Nano Bleu, your toy store in the center of Milan, corso Vittorio Emanuele 15, to show you all the news from Geomag world!