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Gormiti second season: new toys, new episodes


In August, who knows why, in the midst of summertime, I am already thinking ahead to the adventures that await in autumn. This is the way I am, mes amis, I seem like a lazy little dwarf, but my imagination flies miles ahead. There’s a big piece of news a-brewing: soon the new episodes of the Gormiti will be released, the heroes of the natural world!

Here’s something you can look forward to in October: can you stand the wait? The whole new series of 2019 Gormiti toys is about to arrive to Nano Bleu. I bet you’re dying to find out more… shall we?

Gormiti: everything on the new season showing from October 2019

Since last season, the lords of nature are convinced they’ve finally beaten the Fearsome Darkans and their evil leader, Voidus. But unfortunately for them, this is not so! Lord Voidus has managed to find a new source of energy that is truly powerful, Meka energy, that makes his army invincible.

The situation is tense and unpredictable for our beloved heroes, the young friends Riff, Ikor, Trek and Eron. Will the Good Lands manage to fight the wave of evil?

Hope falters, but here comes the incredible Ao-Ki, custodian of light and knowledge, who seems to be the only one capable of coming into contact with he who can help the forces for good to beat Voidus: Lord Electryon, mysterious lord of the land of Meka.

What is the only chance for survival? To establish a new insoluble alliance with the people of Meka and branding a new arm: the ultrabracelets.

What will happen? Will they be able to defeat the rise of evil?
Between new characyers, new arms and evolutions, you will be open-mouthed before your screens. Get ready: the Ultra Gormiti are about to arrive on Rai Gulp.

Gormiti 2019: the news on action toys for boys and girls

What new items will you find here at Nano Bleu? First of all get ready to meet the new characters of the mysterious land of Meka, a Lord and four Gormiti characterised by ultra-techy mechanical accessories and featuring all the evolutions of our heroes, the Ultra Gormiti. The frightening evolution of the Fearsome Darkan will reach our stores, as well as the Ultra Bracers, the gadget bracelets that will be indispensable in this new battle.

My favourite Gormiti toys are the minifigures I can collect them all and they are dwarf sized. Soon eleven super new characyers, all the Gormiti in Meka evolution, will join our three shelves dedicated to the series, including digital card and codes you’ll be able to use with the app. For anyone who is particularly active, we’ll have the fully articulated Gormiti Action Figures, ranging from the Ultra Gormiti to the Meka people to the Evolved Darkans (mes amis, they are super scary!) from 8cm to 12 cm in the deluxe version. Not had enough? Here at Nano Bleu you’ll be able to find the action figures, 15 cm tall, with matching Hyperbeast as well as the giant 30 cm figurines, definitely invincible! But the news don’t end here! You can connect your action figure to the Ultra Elemental Bracer in order to invoke the Ultra Gormiti by inserting the tokens that will unblock sound effects and defeat Lord Voidus!

And now mes amis, here’s the final news regarding Gormiti 2019: three playsets with the locations most seen in the second season: The Castle Fire and an exclusive 5cm character and the new Elements Tower in Meka evolution version, never seen before! The incredible Ultra Tower playset boasts special effects never seen before, including smoke, lights and sounds that are completely exclusive and compatible with all the characters available.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to live an August in battle against the forces of evil? Then come and visit me in central Milano in my magical toy store and… let’s all band together against Lord Voidus!