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Robot-giapponesi (Demo)

The eighties were for Italy the golden age for Japanese robots and those who lived their childhood at that time will remember almost all the stories and the songs of those cartoons. Even today, the adventures of these characters are proposed in television and continue to thrill toddlers. Here are some examples.


On K2, channel 41 of digital terrestrial, VOLTRON’s space adventures are coming. The classic 80s Japanese animation lives again thanks to Netflix and DreamWorks.
Five guys, transported from Earth planet in the middle of an intricate galactic war, become pilots of 5 robotic lions fighting to protect the universe from evil.
Only through a loyal teamwork they will be able to combine and form the legendary warrior Voltron, the only “defender of the Universe” that can counter the perky Zarkon.

The series will be aired on Monday 28 August at 19.55 and then aired regularly from 11 September to 17.45 for the whole season (13 episodes).



One of the most famous robot in the world, an evergreen character that has never ceased to exist since 1975. The Action Figure line brings it back to its original splendor, recreating a copy of the famous robotic robot in every detail.



After thirty years of the unforgettable release of Mazinga Z, the mecha robot is about to return to the screens in a new animated film!
The new story will be set 10 years after the events of the 1970s aired series and will be distributed by Toei Animation.
There is no release date yet but by the end of the year it should come out on the big screen, meanwhile we can be happy to collect or play with the mini cartoon figures!



Yes we know it, it’s not a cartoon about robots, so why talk about it? The fact is that you can not name this cartoon if you talk about Japanese characters.
Then actually, there is also some robots in Dragon Ball (Z series), such as C18, C17 and C16: cyborgs created by Dr. Gelo to take revenge on Goku.
For all fans of the series, will be released in the coming weeks will an article dedicated to all the toys inspired by the characters of Akira Toriyama!

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