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Lol Surprise 2019: the new series


Bonjour mes amis, you can’t imagine how excited I am! As usual, in September Nano Bleu is filled with brand new toys: what are the most incredible new entries of fall 2019?
Surely, all the new exclusive LOL Surprise sets.

The new LOL Surprise will be released from now until Christmas, are you curious like me? Let’s discover a preview of some of the new dolls and be prepared for a colorful and sparkling invasion.

LOL Surprise Boys

Finally it’s true: the LOL boys have just arrived in their blue balls. The first ever LOL Surprise Boys series is designed like other LOLs, so you can have fun creating the whole family with the same style, including the adorable LOL Surprise Pets. Inside the spheres you will find adhesives and accessories: dresses, sunglasses, caps and of course the LOL doll… Try to soak it in cold water and you will see a special surprise!

LOL Surprise Sparkle series: glitter dolls

Finally the glitter arrived, but be careful, it’s not on the whole series: part of the fun is to discover which LOL doll you can find in the Sparkle series and above all to focus on the rarest. The sparkling dolls are 12, including a little boy, and the spheres are just as you imagine them, with 7 surprises, all super sparkling and glittery. My favorite one is Unicorn: try to dip it in water and ice and you will see the magic.

Ooh La La Baby Surprise and LOL Top Secret

Here is another big LOL Surprise novelty, and when I say big I really mean giant: the new Ooh La La Baby Surprise are really big, with custom-made accessories that can be worn also by children: earrings, glasses, handbags, sparkling makeup, coming together with a very large and super glittered LOL!

Do you like the big version of LOL Surprise? Then, be ready for another surprise: the LOL Surprise Top Secret, an exclusive series of LOL similar to the Barbie shape. They are only 4, chosen among the most famous LOL, and they are full of accessories too.

2019 LOL Surprise news: Pets and Glamper

From the sweet and tender LOL Surprise Pets (available also in maxi size of 30 cm), to the Fluffy Pets (puppies to be cuddled in the Winter version, therefore very hairy), this year’s LOL Surprises never stop to amaze.

We will literally leave you speechless with the LOL Surprise Glamper, a camper van with over 55 surprises in it: the swimming pool, the coffee area, the dressing room, the ultra-equipped bathroom, the DJ station for wild parties and much more, for a total of 10 play areas. And it does not end here! Stickers, colored accessories, lights and sounds, a grill with glittery charcoal for ultra-glamorous barbecues and dozens of secret compartments and small details that you will love.

Come and see with your eyes here at Nano Bleu all the new LOL Surprise sets, released regularly from now till Christmas.