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Milan and its animals: the crazy urban jungle

meet animals in Milan

Those who live in a big town know that the city center is not the perfect place for nature lovers, but Milan can always surprise you, being the perfect place for different animals to live. Here’s where to go to discover the wildlife of the “urban jungle”.

Fish, turtles and… cats

The Civic Aquarium is located inside Parco Sempione. It was built in 1906 for the Universal Exhibition, and it is filled with hundreds of aquatic species. Maybe it’s not the largest aquarium in Europe, but it’s certainly one of the oldest and most picturesque, thanks to its wonderful Art Nouveau style.

Wide open spaces and plenty of trees: Sempione Park is home to many other animals, including birds, squirrels and butterflies. The moat of the Sforzesco Castle, however, is the home of the oldest cat colony in the city and about 60 cats take care of the manor symbol of Milan.

Dinosaurs and other wonders

If you are interested in the history of the animal world, just take a visit to the Natural History Museum: among dinosaur skeletons and resin dioramas you will learn everything about the species that have lived on our planet over the millennia.

Pink flamingos

Did you know that in Milan you can admire some beautiful pink flamingos? Just go to Villa Invernizzi, in Via dei Cappuccini, where a group of them live permanently since several years: you can spy on these extravagant citizens, who live peacefully with peacocks and ducks, always ready to be photographed (the villa is closed, but you can see the garden from the street).

All the animals of the world

Finally, there is a place where you can find all your favorite animals, for once all together and just a step away from the Duomo: it’s our toy store, specialized in stuffed animals. Here you can meet a bear bigger than you, cuddle pets, meet exotic animals and even animals from fairy tales. It’s a dream, not just for children, but also for many adults. Choose the perfect toy for you or your baby and take home the best memory of this crazy urban jungle. See you there!