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Memories from Milan

Nano Bleu Toy Shop

Milan is a cosmopolitan city, home of fashion and new technologies: the Milanese are just like it and it’s hard to think that under this glamorous armor, they hide a nostalgic soul. Wandering the streets of this big city, you can bring back all the memories of your childhood. Do you remember how was Milan when you were a child?

Lunch at Burghy in piazza San Babila

In the 80ies piazza San Babila was already the privileged meeting point for a crazy Saturday afternoon in the city center. If you needed a refreshing break you had to go there: Burghy. It was our personal italian fast food, and also a fascinating place for children who collected the mascot Willy Denty, while the older ones invited the girls for a romantic snack.

The movies at Nuovo Cinema Arti

After a quick lunch, let’s go to the movies! Forget for a moment multiplexes and shopping malls, the dream of every child was the Nuovo Cinema Arti, a small universe made of cartoons, where to take shelter in the winter afternoons. This place was completely personalized by Disney with decorations and enriched with a program that included only animated movies, perfect for adults and children.

Old shops and flea markets

Milan was full of shops and other magical places for children. Some of these places nowadays continue to tell stories about people, meetings and dreams… like the flea markets of the old town, where collectors went to look for phone cards, music tapes, camera films and so on.

Your favourite toy shop!

And then, there’s Nano Bleu, the reference for those who were looking for any kind of toy in town. How many times have you stopped by to admire its crowded shop windows full of plush toys, hoping that mom or dad would grant you to enter and, maybe, buy something? Even today, when you go there, you stop for a moment to savor the retro flavour of a shop that has changed and evolved, remaining true to himself and to the promise made to every child: find his favorite toy.

Come back anytime you want, Nano Bleu awaits you in Corso Vittorio Emanuele 15, with the same passion since 1949!