Orb Factory toys: a child-friendly Milan Design Week

Are you looking for a funny game to test your decorative skills? At Nano Bleu you will find a wide assortment of creative games to give vent to imagination and make your personal masterpieces, including the beautiful Orb Factory toys.

Milan Design Week is coming

In this period of the year creativity is the queen of Milan: from 17th to 22nd April the Milan Design Week will take place in our city, a unique event for all design addicted, with exhibitions, installations and shows all around the city. Everyone here want to become a designer and looks for the latest trends and for the most imaginative styles in furniture, so why not test your imagination with Orb Factory toys?

Orb Factory toys: create and decorate a masterpiece with your own hands

Orb Factory is specialized in the production of creative and funny toys that encourage the development of manual skills through exceptional gaming experiences.

My Design line is the most loved and requested Orb Factory collection: super soft plushes and pillow that you can decorate with small pieces of colorful fabrics, glittered stickers and precious accessories. Thanks to the decorative pen, the application of the fabric pieces takes place in a safe and risk-free way, with no glue or seam. Creating with your own hands a plush or a soft pillow will give you satisfaction for a special and unique toy, according only to your tastes and imagination.

Another loved and appreciated Orb Factory set is the Fuzzez line, perfect to create super cute plush animals. Even in this case, the instructions are very simple and intuitive: press the wool in the appropriate mold with the help of liquid soap, apply small eyes and nose, close the mold and put it in the washing machine. After a normal washing, when the mold is dried it can finally be opened, revealing the finished plush in all its softness…wow!

Now we know you can’t wait to start decorating your Orb Factory toy! Just come to Nano Bleu, your historical toy store in the heart of Milan, before or after your visit to the Milan Design Week, and choose the perfect Orb Factory toy for you or your children!