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Peppa Pig Toys: discover the most loved little pig around!

peppa pig

Bold colours, fun songs, lots of jumping in muddy puddles, and a hint of mischief… sound familiar? As soon as we hear the themetune, everyone in Nano Bleu runs to sit on the couch in front of the TV! I’m talking about Peppa Pig, the happiest, funniest cartoon around. If you have children, I’ll bet anything that Peppa unleashes screams of joy in your house!If you don’t know her, or if you want to get to know her better to figure out why your children love her so much, carry on reading, we’ll discover together why everyone’s crazy for Peppa, as well as hearing about all the branded toys available in store in Nano Bleu.

Peppa Pig craze: everything about the most loved cartoon

Aired in 180 countries across the world, Peppa Pig arrived in Italy in 2011 and it immediately obtained a cult following. Episodes follow the protagonist, Peppa, a little anthropomorphised pig and her family and animal friends. They last just a few minutes, finish suddenly and feature simple illustrations and colours, so as to be more appealing to the very youngest audiences.

Peppa’s life is not particularly adventurous, but it’s very similar to every child’s life: she goes to pre-school, she plays with friends and with her little brother George, and she learns something new every day. It’s easy to see why Peppa Pig is so beloved by children: the programme recreates a simple world where the youngest among us can recognise themselves and find themselves at the centre of Peppa’s daily little, surprising, discoveries.

What are the key characters that this little four-year-old is surrounded by? First of all is her family: Daddy Pig, who loves pretend games and playing fooseball, Mummy Pig, who works on the computer and bakes delicious treats, and Peppa’s little brother George, a shy little pig with a passion for dinosaurs. And what shall we say of the legendary Peppa? Friendly and curious, she’s anything but shy… in fact she’s a right little chatterbox! She has fun playing with her best friend Suzy Sheep, jumping in muddly puddles and having little fights.

Each episode features various other characters: Grandpa Pig and Grandma Pig, Grandpa Rabbit, Madame Gazelle – the village teachers – Zoe Zebra, Danny Dog, Candy Cat. In between friends, shopkeepers, and parents, Peppa’s whole village is home to various animal species living side by side harmoniously.

While having human traits, the characters also reveal their animal side, starting all conversations with their animal noise, making everything that much more fun.
I bet that, if you have little children, these are all things that you know very well… But do you know about all the new Peppa Pig toys? Let’s find out together!

Peppa Pig Toys: 2019 news.

We couldn’t love Peppa as much as we do and not have a whole collection of Peppa Pig toys. Our favourite is the Peppa Secret Surprise! A cube ready to unwrap, composed of six different coloured drawers with little surprises awaiting inside. What is it, you ask? A little cartoon character, a party hat, accessories, colourful stickers and much more! Nice, right?

Are you looking for something that will remind children of the different areas of the house and characters in the series? Then choose the Big House, exactly the same as the one featured on tv, composed of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and garden, where Peppa (included) can play with the other characters.

Thousands of adventures can be lived through the main characters and their pets: Suzy Sheep with her cricket, George Pig with an owl, Freddy Fox with a chicken, Candy Cat with her duck, Peppa with her little goldfish and finally Rebecca Rabbit with her tortoise. I bet you have a favourite in this list!

Come and find me in my toy shop in central Milan and discover our irresistible Peppa Pig toy collection and all her funny friend in the most loved cartoon in the whole world!