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Poopsie Surprise Unicorn: the surprising unicorn!

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn: cuccioli di unicorno e slime coloratissimo

How can we fight the autumn greyness and the blues of daylight saving hours? Here at Nano Bleu we have the perfect cure: new toys for afternoons of sheer fun spent with friends in full technicolour. It’s no accident that our favourite toy right now is the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn.

If you expected the unicorn craze to be a long distant memory by now, you were wrong! Thanks to Giochi Preziosi, the multicoloured magic of unicorns comes straight to your home this autumn. With Poopsie Surprise Unicorn our daily pooping takes on a new guise – much more fun and even more glittery!

Let’s discover the colourful new entries in the world of Poopsie Surprise Unicorn together.

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn: glitter, slime and magic

Poopsies are cute little unicorns with long, colourful hair and tonnes of sparkly, fun accessories. Their specialty is their poop! Made from multicoloured slime, you can play with it, shape it, and let your creativity shine! Everything about Poopsie is truly magical: they come in a plus-size toilet roll shaped box, and inside you will find a super cute Poopsie – 40cm tall, with more than 20 surprises, including fairy dust and all kinds of accessories.

Our new best friends come in 4 different models: Dazzle Darling, with candy pink hair, Rainbow Brightstar, with voluminous rainbow hair, Oopsie Starlight, in lilac, and Whoopsie Doodle, who sports bright green pigtails. I bet you’ve already picked your favourite. But the Poopsie gang, mes amis, is unpredictable: they come with surprises – who knows what you will find!

Imagine unrolling this enormous toilet roll, and finding all kinds of surprises inside: unicorn shimmer, nappies, sippy cups, potties and much more. Each Poopsie is finished with utmost attention to detail – from their heart-shaped belly-button to their soft heart, to glittery hooves and extra-long eyelashes, each corner of your Poopsie has been thoughtfully designed.

Here is the true magic of the Poopsie unicorns: super glam slime poop! Making them poop is easy and by shape or personalize with a touch of glitter.

Have you already been collecting the unicorns and you’re now looking for a friend for them? The Poopsie Surprise Llama is on his way to Italy, a new super cute toy that looks just like a silly llama – but pink! Absolutely irresistible. You will find over 20 accessories inside and slime poop that is as sparkly as ever!

Poopsie Unicorn: all the must-haves for 2019

Have you already got a Poopsie that you love more than anything in the world? Here at Nano Bleu you’ll find millions of accessories and gadgets branded Poopsie Surprise to carry on the fun and add some magic to your games!

Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise bags are available, little poop-shaped bags filled with surprises and – you guessed it – slime! Inside you’ll also find a tiny Poopsie animal, collect all 24 – and all 25 slime flavours!

To carry on the fun and build your own collection, you can also get a rainbow Poopsy Sparkly Critters can – inside you’ll find a super cute animal that can poop slime… or spit it up!

The Poopsies have found the recipe to make everything sparkle! Add some rainbow laughter to your life, come and find me in central Milan… a world of glitter fun awaits!