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Relive your childhood with the timeless charm of wooden toys

6_7- giochi legno (Demo)

In a world where technology is a fundamental part of our everyday life, wooden toys can bring us back to childhood, helping us to rediscover our playful and funny side.

Domino’s pieces that form a perfect path, a train running along the tracks, a Pinocchio puppet help us to forget, even for a moment, our problems and bring us back in time. If a toy is a magic for everyone, wooden toys certainly take a special place in the hearts of adults and children, with no age limit.

Nano Bleu is the reference point in Milan for all wooden toys and models fans, thanks to a huge assortment that includes the main Italian and European brands. Let’s discover more!

Wooden toys: evergreen and news for everyone

Let’s start our journey to discover the most popular wooden toys, talking about Legler, an Italian brand that made children’s eyes shine since almost 30 years thanks to safe, sustainable and very trendy wooden toys and accessories. Any examples? The colorful Sudoku, the telescope and the beautiful keychains… but these wooden toys are really for everyone: from sensory games for newborns to bicycles and gracious accessories for the kids bedroom.

Another 100% Made in Italy brand is Quercetti, worldwide famous for its educational toys. This brand has recently launched a new collection of wooden constructions and puzzles, refined in every detail and designed to give children an exclusive multisensory experience.

We can not miss Sevi in this review: it is the the most ancient wooden toys brand in Europe, founded in 1831 and still an institution for the Italian tradition thanks to its collection of toys dedicated to Pinocchio, made by wooden puppets and cute accessories that represent a perfect souvenir from Italy, as well as an evergreen gadget appreciated by everyone.

Least but not last we can talk about Brio, a brand known for its wonderful wooden tracks and trains, which gives the exclusive possibility to customize tracks and build elaborate and realistic routes, with level crossings and tunnels. Fun is guaranteed and personalized for children and for parents too!

We are waiting for you at Nano Bleu, your toy store in the center of Milan, corso Vittorio Emanuele 15, to continue this adventure together and discover all our wooden toys!