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School is over? Let’s get ready for the adventure!

nerf (Demo)

Everybody knows that the enthusiasm for the end of the school lasts few weeks and soon boredom will take advantage… If you don’t want to run this risk, make sure you have the best toys for this summer to have fun with your friends!

Nerf Elite, precision classics

If you want to play outside or indoor, Nerf Elite line has high precision toy guns, like the Rapidstrike CS-18, a semi-automatic rifle that shoots darts made of foam rubber, or the N-Strike Retaliator, the high-power rifle that lets you shoot darts up to twenty-five feet. The entire Elite line is designed to provide power and precision in all battles in maximum security.

Nerf Mega, attack force

Do you like precision but you love power more? Then your weapons are those of the Mega line. With Mastodon rifle you will win all the battles thanks to the rotating drum that shoot a repetition of twenty-four mega darts up to thirty feet.

If you want to combine elegance with power, the Mega Thunder Bow is the best: you will shot over thirty feet away and find the enemies everywhere!

Nerf Modulus, power combinations

The Mega line is a breakout series, but for a real battle it is important to have more complex weapons, such as those of the Modulus line: the Tri-Strike allows you to choose between three types of dards: normal, mega and a missile. You can customize your weapon and have all the useful ammo always with you.

Do you want even more? Don’t miss the Long Range kit, which has a long-range viewfinder, a folding support and a long barrel which considerably improves the accuracy of the shots.

All Modulus line kits must be mounted on the Recon MKII: a powerful weapon that can be transformed,

if necessary, in an assault weapon and in a precision rifle if needed. Connecting  accessories is easy and fast, so you can do it in every moment of your adventure!

Nerf Zombie, be prepared for apocalypse!

Are your battles not against human beings? No problem for Nerf addicted.

The weapons of the Zombie line, the only ones able to fight against not-dead, won’t stop against anything: you will have precision weapons which will allow you to shoot the darts very quickly and defeat any enemy. Of course, if you exchange your friend for a zombie, the result will be the same!

Water guns

Finally, during every summer, you can’t miss the Water Blaster, which will help you to stay fresh and have fun at the same time. The new Super Soaker line is jus born: choose your favourite weapon between  Squall Surge, Break Point and many others… Each of them has different features that make it powerful and unique, so you can always arrange new jokes!

What are you waiting for? Come and choose the perfect blaster for your perfect summer, we are waiting for you in the center of Milan, just a few steps from Duomo.