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Sevi’s kids wooden toys: beauty and fun Made in Italy!

wooden toys

Wooden toys have a great charm and they remind us sweet memories of our childhood. In Nano Bleu, your historical toy shop in downtown Milan, you can find a large selection of wooden toys for everyone, including Sevi’s wooden toys. Let’s discover more!

Sevi: the most ancient wooden toys company in Europe!

Sevi is the most ancient wooden toys brand in Europe: it was founded in 1831 in Ortisei, by Senoner family. From 1998 Sevi is a part of world famous Trudi company, which contributes to preserve the traditional quality of toys and celebrate the importance of Made in Italy worldwide.

A whole world of wood and fantasy with Sevi’s toys!

Sevi has always been known and appreciated for its typical italian design and for the care put during the processing of raw material, combined with attention to innovation. Toys are designed to entertain and educate children of all ages, with an eye to enviroment and security, thanks to their non-toxic paints. The famous wooden letters are the symbol of the brand, and they are a perfect present for newborn children, together with the interlocking toys and the wooden musical instruments, like flute and tambourine. Wooden trains and cars will be the perfect companions of funny afternoons and exciting challenges with friends.

Pinocchio, the perfect souvenir from Italy

Other iconic products are those who compose Pinocchio’s collection: an entire line of toys dedicated to Pinocchio, the famous italian puppet, suitable in many measures. If you are looking for the perfect souvenir from Italy you can choose this sweet handmade product, a beautiful articulated wooden Pinocchio, refined in every detail and also available as a soft stuffed puppet or a useful pencil, carved by the hands of a specialized craftman.

Don’t forget that if you are coming to Nano Bleu toy store, you will visit the most ancient shop of the center of Milan, a living monument just a few steps from Duomo. We are waiting for you to discover Sevi wooden toys and see one of the most beautiful shops of the city center.