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The wonderful world of Antonio Juan reborn dolls

Le bambole reborn di Antonio Juan

The swallows are back, the flowers are blossoming, and the storks are here! Oui mes amis, spring brings freshness, new winds, new births. Here come the new Antonio Juan reborn dolls, these tender, ultra-realistic newborn dolls are filling the shelves at Nano Bleu.

Remember when I first mentioned these dolls to you? Let yourself be blown away by them once again.

Antonio Juan Reborn Dolls: true works of art

It’s no exaggeration to regard Antonio Juan as a bonafide sculptor: his dolls bear an uncanny resemblance to newborns, they are true works of art. Born in 1958 in Onil, Spain, Antonio Juan rapidly transitioned from a small family business to a brand famous throughout the world precisely due to the high artisanal value of these creations, loved by kids and grown-ups alike.

All of the dolls resemble real newborns with uncanny similarity: from their weight, to the colour of their flesh, including the most minute details (hair and nails but also blushes and skin folds).

Available in vinyl or silicon, they exist in both collectible and toy formats (the latter being simpler and less expensive), perfect for a little boy or girl ready to cuddle them! Let’s discover together what makes Antonio Juan’s reborn dolls so special and irresistible.

The power of dolls for boys and girls

As you can imagine, I am the first fan of playing. Since opening my toy shop, I have worked with dolls, stuffed animals and little trains and cars every day in order to support little boys and girls in the discovery of the world they inahbit. Just like building a house out of colourful bricks can make your little one discover a huge passion, playing with dolls can help them develop their emotional intelligence and their own sensibility, teaching them to care for others. That’s why it’s important to let all children play at pretending to be parents.

Antonio Juan reborn dolls, with their features that so closely resemble those of a newborn, so tender and defenceless, stimulate little boys and girls’ nurturing instinct and affection towards others, including upcoming siblings!

It doesn’t take a lot to make kids and grown-ups fall in love: one meeting with Martin and Martina, the little blonde twins with each its own inseparable teddy will have you hooked. Learning to change Pitus’ nappy on his changing mat with all its coordinated accesories will spark children’s curiosity, as will taking a walk with the little Nica in her flowery sundress. Each doll has its own characteristics and a thousand accessories to play with or collect.

How do your children imagine their dream doll? From the youngest to the eldest, from sleeping newborns to happy smiling children dressed to impress, here in my toy shop in central Milan you will find one among all the Antonio Juan reborn dolls that will make your heart soar for the rest of your life!