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Top Wing by Hasbro: the cartoon’s toys


It’s too hot to survive city life, isn’t that so mes amis? Here’s the solution: why not immerse yourselves 20,000 feet underwater, or fly high up in the blue sky where the air is cool, or skid over clear blue waters enjoying the breeze through your hair?

I knew you’d say yes! The time has come to introduce you to my old friends Top Wing, they are visiting Nano Bleu and have sailed all the way from their Flight Academy in Big Swirl Island, and they’re ready to have fun!

If until now you’ve only seen them in the small screen, every night on Cartoonito, from today the heroes of Top Wing will arrive straight to your homes. Let’s discover all the Top Wing toys by Hasbro together.

Top Wing: life saving friends that teach us the value of friendship

Top Wing is a new cartoon starring four birds who are learning to fly. Their goal is to become a full-blown resque team and for that, they need to learn to fly! The programme is dedicated to the littlest members of the audience, each episode contains life-saving adventure and plenty of laughs among the best of friends.

Our cherished friends are Swift, Penny, Brody and Rod and they live on Big Swirl Island, where they train at the Flight Academy. Each one has their own specialism, but the message of this cartoon goes well beyond the lesson of hard work paying off. These little feathered friends want to teach us the value of true friendship, the importance of teamwork and of trust. And is it not true, mes amis, that our greatest strength comes from our bond with another, united even in our differences, in our shared goals towards the common good?

Pur friends have support from Speedy, their mentor, and an endless string of super strong vehicles and techy gadgets. With each mission they refine their lifesaving skills, helping many little animals in danger, and teaching your children many interesting things regarding safety… having plenty of fun along the way!

Let’s get to know the stars of the series better and find out everything there is to know about Hasbro’s Top Wing toys.

Top Wing by Hasbro: the stars of the show in toy form and all the accessories you could ever want!

Are you ready to live through a million adventures with our friends from Top Wing? Their favourite game is the character and vehicle kit: you can choose your favourite and save s many lives as possible with the help of colourful high-tech gadgets. All the characters can move their arms and head and they can sit inside their little vehicles, just like in the cartoon! The leader of the group is Swift, who sports an orange helmet, a bluejay that can fly with its super powerful, ultra fast jet, the Flash Wing, full of special parts and tools, wheels, lights, and colours. You will also find Timmy the little turtle, who is always getting up to no good and who you’ll need to save with a special canoe!

Do you prefer the other team members? Then you will find the super tough Penny, a blue penguin expert in submarine life, with a pink uniform and her powerful submarine, Aqua Wing. Then there’s the super lively bright green Brody, a puffin who loves to fly in between the waves on his boat, Splah Wing. Finally there’s Rod, always smiling and never not having fun, a cute red rooster who rides an off-road ATV Road Wing.

But the surprises aren’t over! With the Collection Pack you will find all the characters in one place: small and manageable, perfect to play with in a group and to take them everywhere with you. Also available in this mignon format are the Mini Racers, the four stars of the show with their mini-vehicles that will head in every direction of your home at lightning speed!

So—are you ready to become true life savers? Come and find me here in central Milan at our Nano Bleu toy store and choose your favourite feathered hero!