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Toy Musical instruments sound good!

Music has the ability to excite people of all ages. When we see a piano or a violin, we all come back to our childhood and we remain enchanted listening to beautiful melodies, which can bring us to a fantastic world. Music is also essential since childhood to develop creativity: children have great musical skills and are attracted to sounds, trying to make combinations of sounds by themselves, even using common objects. Have you ever noticed this?

I love music and all the musical instruments too and that’s why in my house, the Nano Bleu toy store, there’s a wide assortment of toy musical instruments for everybody! Here, I want to talk about the Sevi’s wooden musical instruments, perfect to move the first steps in the wonderful world of music. Let’s discover more!

Kids Musical Instruments Sevi: music has never been more funny

Sevi is the oldest wooden toys brand in Europe and it produces many beautiful toys characterized by a Made in Italy design, respecting environment and security tests, thanks to their non-toxic paints. The wooden musical instruments collection is composed by many toys that reproduce the sounds of adults’ instruments and allows the kids to improve their creativity, composing melodies and starting to become familiar with the sense of rhythm.

For those who want to learn music in a simple way there are drums and percussions: playing a percussion instrument helps children develop coordination and discharge energy… mom and dad will be happy to hear the sweet sound of the drums night and day!

To make more melodic sounds and test your musical skills, you can choose the guitar, the piano or the xylophone. Playing these instruments helps children to learn how to manage emotions and overcome shyness.

Flutes and harmonicsare for those who have big lungs and, with a little effort, you can play real musical hits! Wind instruments require great strength and precision, they are perfect for the most determined children, who really want to learn music.

After this list of fun instruments I can only invite you to Nano Bleu, your toy store in the center of Milan, to meet me, of course, and choose one of the beautiful Sevi’s wooden musical instruments. I’m waiting for you!