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The best toys are made in Italy

Made in Italy Toys

Do you remember your favorite toys when you were a child?
No video games or interactive puppets, only genuineness, strictly “old style”, mostly made of wooden toys and large doses of fantasy. The games of our childhood are still there and you can find them in Nano Bleu toy shop: continue reading to rediscover and propose them to your children with the same enthusiasm as many years ago.

How to return kids with toys

Let’s face it, it is always nice to look back and realize that when you were young it was easy to be amused by such inventive and simple toys: in Italy Quercetti, Italian toys industry, gave to children some of the most popular toys and nowadays is always able to renew and maintain the interest of everyone in their products. An example? The legendary “chiodini” are today a must have during early childhood, and it’s hard to find an adult or a child who has never spent hours to wade through creative and colorful compositions drawings. Do you want to know more about “chiodini”?

Made in Italy toys are signed by Quercetti

Retro style, imagination and beauty: these are the characteristics that distinguish the ever green Italian games. Alessandro Quercetti began to devote himself to toys in the early 50s, back from the Second World War. Immediately he proved to have a great imagination and good intuition, producing mechanical toys which became popular in our country but also abroad. In 1953 he decided to buy ​​”Coloredo“, a French game similar to the famous “Chiodini”. After an initial period in which he just sell the French product in Italy, Quercetti began to make a series of improvements, introducing plastic and colored nails with the famous mushroom shape of different sizes: Chiodini Quercetti were just born, ready to become one of the best sellers ever.

Over time the Chiodini game has evolved and the company created more and more new toys to suit all tastes. The success of Quercetti around the world is due to its great respect for children: in the early years of life you put the foundation for all learning, the skills and knowledge that will develop over the rest of your existance and a huge tool to develop in early childhood is game. That’s why it’s so important to give to it the right value. In Nano Bleu we share these values ​​and we always try to offer to all children educational toys, since 1949.

New italian toys

The Quercetti products have evolved in recent years to be more attractive to the eyes of children and their parents. So, the Chiodini become personalized with the name of Quercetti Art, a service that allows you to transform a photograph into a work of art made of colored nails.
Children will also appreciate the classic construction: the wooden ones, with great care in every detail and 100% ecological, or the plastic ones, made like pipes or gears, which allow them to live a multisensory experience without limits. Or the magnetic slates, colorful and fun, which introduce children to written language and stimulate cognitive skills.

We’ve explained why for Nano Bleu made in Italy is crucial for the selection of toys, but we’re also making you want to look in your house and find your old toys, to see if you’re still so skilled in the compositions and maybe organize a creativity challenge with your kids! Ready to play? We do, please come to our toy shop in the center of Milan to find more.