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A surprise for you: the traditional Italian Easter Eggs

traditional italian easter eggs

Easter is coming and everyone in Italy loves this holiday because it allows you to relax during Spring time, celebrating with chocolate eggs and surprises for everyone (not only for children!). Don’t you like the taste and good mood of this time of year? This year we decided to surprise you with a unique Easter gift: italian chocolate eggs with Trudi plush toys, the perfect Italian souvenir for your beloved ones.

Italian Easter Eggs with Trudi surprise

In Italy, chocolate eggs are traditionally filled with many surprises, but sometimes they are cheap and disappointing. Today you can choose an original made in Italy toy with a super tasty chocolate egg. By Nano Bleu the gift is always a tender Trudi stuffed animal: do you prefer the bunny, the duck or the lamb? You can finally give up to ugly surprises and low quality chocolate, now the traditional italian Easter has a totally different flavour…
Trudi plush toys are a guarantee of softness and fun, and the chocolate eggs are totally made in Italy too: we have selected for you one of the best productions in Milan, the chocolate company of brothers Alemagna.

Chocolate Eggs by T’a

The Chocolate by Alemagna family made the history of the italian bakery tradition: back to the beginning of the twentieth century, Gioacchino began as a busboy in a shop to get to build in a few years a real success all over Italy. Today, the sweets are designed and baked by Tancredi and Alberto (that’s why the name of their brand is T’a) who maintained the authenticity and italian style that makes them be appreciated by everyone. First choice Italian ingredients are protagonists: hazelnuts Igp, Sicilian pistachio, pure cocoa.

Come and find the Italian chocolate eggs produced especially for our shop and give to your loved ones a different Easter, full of taste and tenderness. We are waiting for you in our toy store in the center of Milan!