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For Valentine’s Day choose your Trudi’s plushes!

trudi plushes

Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers, known and celebrated in many countries of the world, is coming. Along with romantic dinners and moments of tenderness, do not forget a special gift for your partner. In Nano Bleu, the historic toy store located in the heart of Milan, you will find a wide selection of soft toys, the ideal gift for your sweetheart. Let’s discover classic gifts and the most interesting facts about this day.

Valentine’s traditions around the world

Valentine’s Day was first associated to romantic love back in the Middle Ages thanks to the so-called valentines, greeting cards exchanged by lovers: the oldest valentine is the one written by Charles of Orléans to his wife while he was held in the Tower of London after being defeated in 1415. Over the years, particular customs were born all over the world to celebrate this sweet day: in Ireland, for example, people wear the Claddagh Ring, a ring with a heart which, depending on the direction of its point, means “single” or “in a relationship”. In the USA instead, Valentine’s Day is the celebration of all bonds and everyone traditionally prepare sweets and cards to give to family members and friends.

Trudi plushes: a special Valentine’s gift!

Plush toys are one of the most appreciated gifts for Valentine’s Day: soft and very romantic, they steal the heart of your loved one with sweetness. Among the huge Nano Bleu’s plush toys selection, you can find Trudi stuffed animals, a Made in Italy brand, known for the quality of materials and the precision of details. For a classic gift you can choose Trudi Teddy Bear, available in all sizes, including the jumbo size, more than a meter tall, for an extra-large love! The most interesting news is represented by “Fluffies Line”, composed by six soft stuffed animals, which have a longer and softer fur than other toys. For a super-cute gift, you can choose the “Trudini”, the smallest stuffed animals you can find, available in different species and perfect for collectors: monkey, fox, mandarin duck and so on. For an original surprise, you can select one of the beautiful Trudi puppets, with a refined and Made in Italy design, like toucan, horse and t-rex, perfect for an eccentric declaration of love.

Thanks to Trudi plush toys you can amaze your partner on Valentine’s Day with love and tenderness. We are waiting for you here in Nano Bleu, to guide you to choose the perfect gift!