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Trudi stuffed toys: cuddles for everyone

Brrrrrr, par dieu! It’s freezing! At Nano Bleu we just want to stay warm and have a tea with our dolls… it’s cuddles time! I know, I do not really look like a sweet dwarf, but when I speak about Trudi I can’t resist: these plushes are all so tender and soft! And I know that you love stuffed animals too, because your plush will stay forever in your mind, close to your heart from childhood to adulthood.

Come back to childhood with me and get ready to say hello to your sweetest memories… because playing is a magic for everyone, always.

Trudi animals: the door to imagination

Trudi, the Italian brand of plushes, makes dreams come alive since 1954.
From the first teddy bear – named Trudi, like its creator – to the immense range of animals and characters of today, Trudi still warms up the hearts of adults and children.

Here at Nano Bleu, my favorite thing is the plushes exhibition at the ground floor, full of Trudi animals. Have you ever been here? Many children stop in front of the windows with wide open and shining eyes, their hands on the glass and an expression of true wonder… And their parents too!

The stuffed animals have an irresistible charm for adults because they have the rare power to recall that warm feeling of security typical of childhood, made of tenderness and dreams.
Do you want to find out what Trudi has designed for you and your children this year? Meet my new friends, so sweet and irresistible!

Trudi new collection

From the biggest to the smallest, Trudi plushes stand out for their incomparable softness and for the accuracy of details.

The Trudi’s Classic series is now enriched with new friends: Franco the white bear, Gildo the cat, Dino the dolphin, Paco the monkey and the elegant Leopold the Leopard.
For the most imaginative children the winged horse Pegaso flew directly into our toy store with its soft wings. And don’t forget about the new Trudini: the Donkey and the St. Bernard dog are perfect for children’s little hands. Fluffies and Fluffini are my favourites: small, round and super soft, they are the tiniest and furriest stuffed animals you can find…let’s collect them all!

I think it’s really the time to come visit me in Nano Bleu toy store, just a few steps from Milan Duomo. Open your eyes and choose your new favourite plush toy!