Valentine’s day: discover its traditions and a special offer for you!

Valentine’s Day is coming and lovers are ready to spend it among dinners by candlelight, romantic getaways and sweet presents. This holiday, one of the most popular (but also hated by someone!) can not go unnoticed… For this occasion Nano Bleu has a special offer dedicated to lovers ! All the details are at the end of this article.

The origin of Valentine’s Day

Valentine was bishop of the city of Terni. One day, while walking in a garden, he met two young lovers who were arguing, so he gave them a rose asking them to make peace. The youth followed the suggestion and some time later asket to Valentino to celebrate their wedding. According to the laws of the time, however, he could not formalize this union, as they belonged to two different religions. Anyway, Valentino celebrated the marriage and, for this reason, the three were martyred. From that moment Valentine was regarded as the protector of lovers and his day, on February 14th, has become the day for lovers.

The traditions of Valentine’s Day

In this day the main tradition is to exchange small gifts: love notes, flowers, romantic dinners, chocolates or plush toys. In every country this habit has its own features. In England and Holland lovers send greeting cards; in Japan girls give chocolates to their boyfriends, who must give back only white chocolate. In Spain, however, the couples usually exchange red roses. In Kenya, men give their wives a piece of lime cake, receiving in return a pumpkin filled with wine. In Hungary lovers go into the woods to gather snowdrops, while in Wales the boys and girls exchange carved wooden spoons.

There are also some bizarre customs, which seem to have little to do with the romantic idea of ​​love: in some countries the boys compete in tests of courage and strength to conquer their beloved. As in Brazil, where men compete in a 6 km race with a trunk of Barauna. Who wins the competition can dance with his beloved.

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

The favourite gifts in this time of year are plush toys: giant, tiny, soft and always romantic . The plush toy is the simplest demonstration of affection, choose it carefully, thinking about the person you love, her tastes, her character and the good times you had together.

Nano Bleu wants to help you in choosing the perfect gift to show your love with a unique promotion for Valentine’s Day: February 3rd to 14th, along with all the plush purchases we’ll give you a little Trudi heart shaped plush for free.

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