Stuffed animals: the perfect Valentine’s Day present

Peluche per San Valentino 2020

Ah mes amis… today I’m so happy. Les lumières des Navigli, the Botanical Vegetable Garden, le Pont des Sirènes. All of Milan becomes even more romantic as Valentine’s Day approaches. The day dedicated to lovers is just around the corner and we are getting ready to say goodbye to all the stuffed animals heading to conquer everyone’s hearts – friends, lovers, grandparents, and brothers and sisters will all delight in the joy they will bring.

Here at Nano Bleu every February our stuffed animals sell like hotcakes, they are the go-to gift for Valentine’s Day. And given that by now we are experts in matters of gifts that celebrate love, joy and friendship, we have come up with the Top Ten chart of the most in-demand stuffed animals. There is one for every age, relationship and personality! Read on to find the ideal match for your valentine.

10 Ladybirds for our new born loves

For a sweet, young love or for a tender friendship between preschoolers or classmates, our ladybird stuffed animals are the perfect gift. Ladybirds are the most loved insect, they bring joy with their characteristic shade of fire-engine red and polkadots: and they are famously lucky! Anyone who finds a ladybird with 7 black dots can expect a surprise, a new love awaits them round the corner!

9 Squirrels for the most loyal and sensitive lovers

Squirrels are a symbol of loyalty, trust and sensibility. They are loved by kids and grown-ups alike because they let us get very close and can be found in city parks everywhere. Meticulous and hard-working, the squirrel gathers nuts during warm seasons to take care of their family, that’s why they are symbols of enduring love, typically associated with parents and grandparents. For Valentine’s Day, a squirrel soft toy is the perfect gift for long-term partners or for our ‘forever’ loves: parents, children, grandparents and grandchildren.

8 Cats for lovers who quarrel

Cats are among the most popular pets and they are known for being a little quarrelsome… they will only cuddle when they feel like it, and on your head be it if you try at any other time! But let’s be honest, when they approach us with their purring meows they are irresistible. It’s rumoured that they absorb negativity and bring harmony to our homes. So cat stuffed animals are perfect to bring some peace to lovers or friends who quarrel – including siblings!

7 Dogs – the most loyal friend!

One of the biggest etoiles of Nano Bleu has to be dog stuffed animals. Available in every breed and colour, long and shorthair, always super soft and adorable, our little doggy stuffed animals disappear from our shelves not just on Valentine’s Day but throughout the year. Symbol of loyalty and true friendship, dog stuffed animals are perfect to seal lifelong friendships with best friends and schoolmates, as well as teenage first loves. What could be cuter than receiving a loving little puppy?

6 Mice for young, shy loves

A symbol of prudence and diffidence, mice are careful creatures who avoid adventure. Although not always loved, the mouse was a symbol of good luck in Ancient Rome, and today children across Europe and Latin America patiently await his arrival when they lose a tooth. Give a mouse stuffed animal to a new partner who is still a little shy around you, or your little toothless ones at home… it’s impossible to resist a little whiskered mouse!

5 Rabbits to celebrate love at first sight

Symbol of love, sweetness and ambition, the rabbit is one of the sweetest and softest animals around, ready to be stroked and cuddled! Rabbits are also recognised for their intelligence and energy. So they are perfect to celebrate our strongest, most overwhelming feelings. Give it to your partner as a promise of love and fun to come!

4 Pandas for infinite cuddles

Tender and sleepy, pandas demand constant cuddles! Giving a panda stuffed animal to our love is one of the sweetest gestures we can make on Valentine’s Fay. What’s more, it’s a symbol of purity and are believed to have magical powers that can affect dreams. Give it to the littlest ones you know to ensure cuddles and sweet dreams!

3 Koalas for long term lovers

For aboriginals, the koala is a symbol of memory, wisdom and full of ancient powers. He grants peace and tranquility to those who bring him into their home. The cuddler par excellence, here at Nano Bleu we advise a koala stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day to celebrate the longest and purest love, between grandchildren and grandparents, and couples who celebrate many years of love.

2 White seals for love and laughter

Perhaps it’s because we always imagine her balancing a ball on her muzzle, or because of her round shapes or the way they play in the snow in every documentary we watch, for whatever reason, white seals are a symbol of joy, fun and laughter. That’s why a stuffed animal of a white seal comes in at second place – teenagers and young adults love them, perfect for a Valentine’s Day that is carefree and full of laughs!

1 Teddy Bears for forever love!

Here we come to the top spot in our chart. Who else but our beloved teddy bear? Available in countless different colours, big, small, and even miniature, teddy bears are the most classic Valentine’s Day gift. Ready for plenty of cuddles, it’s a gift destined to inhabit our homes forever, endless source of joy, tenderness and love.

The time has come to choose your Valentine’s Day gift among dozens of stuffed animals that you can find here at Nano Bleu in central Milan: from the most original to absolute classics, from giant bears to tiny versions, you will find the perfect symbol to celebrate your love. And don’t forget mes amis, Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love, with whoever you most love!