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Star Wars: the cult hit for all the family

The moment is finally here! The much awaited finale of the current Star Wars trilogy is on its way to the big screen in Italy from December 18th.

Here at Nano Bleu we have been huge Star Wars fans since forever: from the very first one, released back in 1977, to this day, with the ninth chapter titled Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

In particular, as you may well imagine, mes amis, at Nano Bleu we go particularly mad for all the Star Wars themed toys, which help us carry the Force with us at all times!

Come with me to discover which Star Wars toys are hiding within our three floors of sheer magic in the heart of Milan.

The Star Wars Toys: fun for kids and grown-ups

Ever since the release of Star Wars in 1977 the Star Wars stories have grown and won the fandom of millions of people across the world, children, adults and even collectors. In fact, Star Wars has united many generations and gone beyond its ‘nerd’ niche, being appreciated by virtually anyone in the world.

Even those who have never watched one of the films will recognise the names of the key characters or know a light saber when they see one. And who among us has not at least once quoted ‘may the force be with you!’

The saga, composed of nine episodes divided into three trilogies – original, prequel and sequel – is set in a fictional galaxy inhabited by humans and alien species, where spaceships are used to travel from one planet to the next, and robots and droids are everywhere. At the core of the story lies the eternal battle between good and evil, represented by the order of the Jedi and of the Sith, respectively. The most important tool in this battle is the mystic energy from which each side gathers power, better known as The Force.

It’s a story that has conquered millions of hearts without ever becoming boring, that’s why here at Nano Bleu Star Wars toys sell like hot cakes and seem never to go out of fashion.

All the major toy brands have reimagined their own versions of the most famous items and the most cult characters. The unmissable piece is of course the light saber: in the battle between good and evil, between Rebels and the Empire’s Army, a red or green light saber is the most powerful (and fun!) weapon with which to live out many adventures.

Or for those winter afternoons spent indoors, there’s nothing better than the Millenium Falcon LEGO Star Wars set. A beautiful piece faithful to the original in the film, rich in detail and adored by collectors worldwide.

You will never tire of your Star Wars toys. The characters’ action figures are among the most in demand items we stock.

Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker: facts and trivia about the actors

A year has passed since the Last Jedis and the Resistance survivors have faced the First Order, and the eternal conflict between Jedis and Siths continues towards its end. But mes amis, I don’t want to reveal any more, in order to let you savour the delicious wait for this surprising final chapter.

This last chapter is the longest in the entire Star Wars saga and will serve us quite a few surprises as well as much anticipated comebacks, such as the return of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, whom he played in the original trilogy.

In this final chapter, one of the characters hits the record for appearances in the films: C-3PO is the only one to have appeared in all nine episodes, congratulations!

Actors trivia doesn’t end here: following the death of Carrie Fisher in 2016, a rewrite of her role as the legendary Princess Leila had been considered for the final episode of the saga, but thanks to a series of cut scenes and old takes that were never used, director J.J. Abrams has managed to make this character come to life on the big screen one final time. Not one to miss!

And speaking of characters and actors, we all have our favourite Star Wars baddie or goodie – and those that we can’t stand. Here’s a brief list of the most famous, for a quick recap before you head to the cinema. Who’s your favourite?

Anakin Skywalker: the best pilot, so much so that his entire name recalls the concept of flight (Ani is a kind of bird);
Luke Skywalker: Anakin and Padmé Amidala’s son, his name echoes that of director George Lucas’;
Han Solo: a ‘solitary’ warrior, like his name suggests, but who fights for the good of the whole community;
Yoda: the most powerful knight in the history of the Jedi Order, he’s a true guru, a master who teaches Skywalker everything he knows;
Darth Vader: the baddest baddie, unmistakeable due to his iconic costume, he is none other than Anakin having crossed over to the dark side (this can’t be a spoiler, surely!);
Rey: rebellious and tenacious, she’s one of the stars of the last trilogy, a young Jedi who will give the Dark Side a run for its money;
Kylo Ren: the main antagonist in the sequel trilogy, he’s Han Solo and Princess Leila’s son, but he seems to have chosen to follow on the footsteps of grandpa Anakin…

What does this final episode have in store? Before booking cinema tickets, mes amis, come and find me in central Milan to get into the Star Wars spirit and find the toy version of your favourite character!