The timeless beauty of toy stores: Nano Bleu in Milan

Nano Bleu a Milano: uno dei negozi di giochi più amati al mondo

It may be the bitter cold, the afternoons growing darker or the increasing Christmas mood but here at Nano Bleu we are feeling more and more romantic. In our shop, which is always open and a warm shelter to young and elderly, we have set up everything for the party, and in the evenings we sit together with a nice hot chocolate to write lists upon lists of gifts to ask Santa Claus.

Soft toys always work well with wooden toys: model trains on which to whizz around, rocking horses to ride here and there; with dolls and Barbies you never know! Some prefer creative games and building games. Others want the latest accessories for the new season, and others pour themselves into the Little Alchemy or over endless puzzles; the action figures are already more predictable: miniature cars to compete with each other and party games for nighttime fun.

In short mes amis, in one way or another, Christmas is coming and brings with it a great desire for warmth, to spend evenings together, to relive old family traditions and to remember and create memories to share. And here at Nano Bleu, we are masters in this: where else, in the heart of the city of Milan, can you enter and abandon yourself to the memories, dive into a magical world and become children again?

Nano Bleu Milano: the story continues…

Our story begins in 1949 in Milan when a group of friends decide to open a workshop of dreams: not only a place where you can find toys of all kinds, from the latest novelties to the most traditional, but also where you can find your inner child again and rediscover the beauty and light-heartedness of the most beautiful years of your lives. Today, more than 70 years later, Nano Bleu is counted amongst the ten best toy shops in the world and has been awarded the title of Bottega Storica, continuing to give joy and warmth to as many children as adults.

A few steps from Piazza Duomo in Milan, it is sufficient to cross our blue door to dive into a magical world: soft toys of all kinds and sizes will welcome you from the window announcing the treasures that you can find on the three store floors. Let your gaze slide along the ancient wooden counter until it falls onto the historical spiral staircase… As you explore all floors, find so many toys and such a variety that you almost won’t believe it: collectable miniature toys, remote-controlled models, moldable pastes, wooden toys, crayons, dolls, building toys.

Don’t you feel like just dropping by and visiting us right away? And if you fear getting lost among so many games and not knowing where to start, here are some gems from us at Nano Bleu: the unmissable pieces.

Toys in Milan: the unmissable at Nano Bleu and a new product!

What will you find here at Nano Bleu? What are the highlights of our shop? Let’s just say that here you will find everything you want in terms of games and fun, but as a little taster here are … our crown jewels:

  1. The dolls: from Antonio Juan’s Reborns to Barbies, from Corollas to the youngest LOLs, no doll will miss appearing in Nano Bleu;
  2. Soft toys and miniatures of animals: animals of the savannah? Woodland animals? And what about the animals that reside at the depths of the ocean? Name one, and we’ll pull it out of the hat;
  3. Toy cars and radio controls: from the historic Bburago to the legendary Hotwheels, from rescue helicopters to the latest generation drones, here nostalgic grandparents and younger children will be in paradise;
  4. Colors, crayons and moldable pastes: for the artists of tomorrow and for stress-relief for all: pencils, markers, moulds and paint to free imagination;
  5. Puzzles, board games and science games: from Clementoni to Hasbro, from Risiko to Operation Game, adding a microscope here and a small greenhouse there … Choose only one, and we challenge you not to come back to stock up on the others!

Did you get a general idea? Get ready for a great adventure! And if you really can’t come and visit us, here’s the news this year: free home delivery throughout the Municipality of Milan. Text a message or call to tell us what you would like to receive at home and we will bring it to you.

Are you ready to stock up on magic to get through the winter? Come and discover all the games for children here at Nano Bleu in the centre of Milan and choose your favourites!