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Trudi stuffed animals and Sevi wooden toys: timeless cuddles and fun

The temperature is cooling and the first showers are here – autumn has arrived! Milan’s parks have been dyed scarlet and the city’s corners have filled with roasted nuts stalls. Here at Nano Bleu we live autumn with roasted chestnuts, hot chocolates, and cuddle competitions with Trudi and Sevi toys, the sweetest stuffed animals and the most fun wooden toys around, which you can always find in store, starting from our historic window display. But what are the news for 2019? Let’s find out together and get the party started with Trudi soft toys and Sevi wooden toys!

Trudi and Trudini Stuffed Toys: 2019’s news

The best thing about stuffed animals is that they bring everyone together: the littlest child, teenage girls, grumpy grampas and sweet girlfriends alike, no one can resist the warm tenderness of a sweet little animal. And, let’s tell it like it is, we’ve all had a best friend teddybear in our time.
Globally famous Italian brand Trudi has been creating furry toys since 1954, and to this day it does not cease to surprise us.

To protect against the monsters under the bed, to make you fall in love or simply smile: a Trudi soft toy is always a great gift idea. This autumn-winter, the newest arrival fit for all occasions is the Marcus puppy, the sweetest dog in the world!

Marcus is an impossibly tender grey and white husky, and just like the real Siberian Husky, he’ll win your heart with his muzzle and all the realistic details, his little ears and his big blue eyes. Available also in XXL format, lying down and resting, or sitting up cheerful in the Trudino version, Marcus will be a best friend for the cold season: who better than him to accompany us in our adventures to the country?

Mountable toys and musical instruments – Sevi’s wooden toys

The remedy for autumn melancholy? To have some fun of course! You already know that here at Nano Bleu we are the best experts on all things fun-related for the youngest to the oldest, and this autumn we’ve decided that we won’t miss a beat: as well as soft toys, you can discover mountable toys and musical instruments made in wood, perfect for the youngest among our customers, made by Trudi by Sevi, offering the best quality from the heart of one of Italy’s most historic creative firms.

Our advice for long rainy afternoons? Trudi’s ride-on: a wooden tricycle, solid, safe and super cute. With soft details and a tender doggy’s muzzle, it’s perfect to race around the home (but also out in the park, why not!).
If you prefer exotic animals to puppies, here’s a special rocking toy: the wooden and soft camel toy, to be rocked as evening comes to an end. Beautiful and safe, he’s suitable for boys and girls from 10 months of age, and comes complete with a seat and belt, to rock safely from the very start!

Are your little ones always in search of something new and exciting? A wooden musical instrument (perhaps shaped like a seal) would be perfect for them: a toy full of sounds and surprises that enables them to compose different melodies using the xylophone or harpsichord included. Colourful and full of details, you’ll be surprised to see its childproof design and its super-soft parts.

Trudi and Sevi’s new offerings for 2019 don’t end here. What are you waiting for? Come and discover them all in central Milan at the Nano Bleu store, where among soft toys, rocking toys and just about every type of toy, it will be impossible to go home empty handed!