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The best toys from 2019 (that will carry over to 2020!)

I giochi più venduti da Nano Bleu

Another year has passed and here at Nano Bleu we have made our resolutions: to have more fun and quarrel less, to make more time to play together and make new friends for all the new adventures that await in 2020.
To start as we mean to go on, we’ve decided to look back and compile a list of the best toys from 2019, those who have won over grown-ups and kids alike. If you still don’t have these, hurry up! They will sell like hotcakes this year as well!

Don’t want to get left behind in the precious decade? Here are the 6 best toys from 2019 that will be a must-have in 2020.

6 – Cute Riders: first steps taken together

Cute Riders make special companions for little ones’ first steps.
Perfect for children of ages 1 to 5, Cute Riders are toys you can ride, shaped like animals – dogs, cats, pandas, rabbits and many more. They stimulate the youngest to take their first steps and aid mobility and balance development. A handy compartment underneath can be used to carry around other toys – they can carry up to 40 Kg and ride on four wheels.

Bonus – they don’t require batteries and are free from annoying sounds and lights – they will conquer the heart of the more traditional among you. They last forever and never go out of fashion!

5 – Trudi ride-on toys: rocking horses and camels

The best toys of 2019 list has to include all the ride-on toys offered by Trudi. These wooden rocking horses have always been much sought after and they have been among our top sellers for several years. They are destined to enter your hearts and remain there – I give you my word! Among these favourites from our range for 0-3 year-olds, we can find sweet horses and the original dromedary camel, complete with a backrest and belt.

Bonus – these are wooden toys with soft details in classic ultrasoft Trudi style. These beautiful items are likely to become treasured parts of your household!

4 – RC remote controlled cars: dynamic miniatures at their best

We can’t miss out RC remote controlled cars from our Best Toys of 2019 chart. They are among the most accurate miniatures around, these reproductions of the most powerful off-road vehicles, Wrangler and Defender, sold very fast here at Nano Bleu, as well as the Ferrari models (both Formula 1 and the road version.)
Everyone loves toy cars, from children who race them around the house, to the most expert collectors.

Bonus – the controllers work from a distance of up to 25 metres.

3 – Sylvanian Families: house and rabbit play set

There’s no doubt that dollhouses are a toy that will always have a special place in our heart. But since 1985, Sylvanian Families have transformed the traditional concept of the wooden house by expanding the imagination of parents and children across the world. Shopping centres, saloons, tea-rooms and Victorian villas with every detail taken care of, inhabited by elegant little rabbits dressed in colonial style. And not just rabbits! There are families of squirrels, cats, mice, bears and many others to discover. New settings and characters await you, all completely different from each other and yet faithful to the brand: Nature, Family and Love. That’s all we need for a great 2020!

Bonus – the value that freely creating stories can give us and our children is huge. Once you try it you’ll want to remain in your imagined worlds forever.

2 – Nerf guns: Mega and Elite

Nerf guns are a modern toy that has become indispensable to every household with a little boy or girl living in it. In 2019 we sold countless amounts of models from the latest generation, in particular the Elite and Mega ranges. 2020 will continue to be all about speed, power and precision, the key components to any Nerf toy. Try the Nerf Elite Delta with a prolonged cane in order to achieve even greater precision from farther distances. Or why not give the Nerf Mega Thunderhawk a go, it’s a whole metre long!

Bonus – these are so fun, once you try them you won’t be able to stop.

1 – LOL Surprise: collectable dolls

We couldn’t miss out the trendiest dolls around. At first place among 2019’s toys land the amazing LOL Surprise dolls.
LOL dolls are the first toy since sticker albums to introduce the surprise element into their game. Could this be why they’re so loved? Or perhaps it’s because of their trendy accessories? LOL dolls won’t disappoint this year either, and soon they will conquer our hearts with their new ranges: Lights Glitter, complete with hidden tattoos to search for with a torch, the Boys range, sporty in theme, and the Hair Vibes range, with removable and stylable hair.

Bonus – There are so many that each one of us can find a favourite among them that is most suited to our personality.
These 6 are not the only super successful toys from the past year. Come and have a look around Nano Bleu in central Milan to discover all the new entries from 2020 that will make your kids go wild.